Posted on August 10, 2023 by Dennis Salazar

FAQ: E-Commerce Packaging Minimums and Maximums

There are times when people get a little confused on the details involved in ordering custom printed boxes. That is not surprising, considering the wild claims being made within our industry. If we could deliver custom packaging within one week, at over 50% savings and with small minimums, we would indeed be amazing, and probably out of business. Those claims are neither realistic nor honest, and the fine print and end result will usually prove that.

Here are a few legitimate questions asked of us, and our very legitimate answers.

Why is your 1,000 MOQ so high?

First let’s make sure we are comparing the same type of printing. For FLEXOGRAPHIC printing, our 1,000 minimum is considered low by some companies who require a 2,000, 3,000 or even a 5,000 MOQ. Note, box size, board type and printing requirements may all help determine the MOQ. Most people who believe our MOQ is high, are comparing us to DIGITAL printing, which is totally different, more expensive to flexo pricing, but is available in minimums as low as one box.


Why can digital printers offer much smaller minimums?

Digital printing does not require print plates or lengthy equipment set up. It uses oil-based inks, and is basically a larger, professional version of the printer on your desk. It does not require ink trays or rubber print plates, and the setup is computerized.


If I pay more, can I get a reduced minimum?

In theory, yes. We don’t like doing that to customers, but we know in some cases it might make sense. If all you need is 350 boxes (for example), you hate to order more.  However, in some situations, due to paper and ink costs, don’t be surprised if the total price you pay for 500 (for example) is about the same overall cost as purchasing the 1000 MOQ.


Is there ever a maximum order size?

We currently produce packaging in over a dozen plants scattered around the country. That is the advantage of working with a company like ours, because we can take a very large order and we can produce it at the closest, capable plant(s) to where you want them shipped. During Covid we accepted an order for over one million boxes from a very good customer whose business doubled overnight due to the quarantines. We produced the boxes needed at two different plants, and we are proud to say every single box arrived on time, where it was needed. Million box orders are welcome.

The bottom line is “talk to us”. For over 17 years we have developed long-term relationships with low and high-volume customers. Fortune 500 companies, to kitchen table businesses. Tell us what you need, and you can be sure we will try to help you. We hate to say “no” on any custom design packaging, in any quantity.

Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through this web site. Our trained, experience branded packaging advisors are eager to learn more about your requirements and application.


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