Posted on September 23, 2008 by Dennis Salazar

Eco Ed – Humor in Sustainable Packaging

Our marketing director, Brad Shorr, and I are very different in many ways but one thing we have in common is a good appreciation of humor. With all the confusion, contradictions and misinformation in sustainable packaging, it is not always easy to find the humor in it but we work at it.

With the help of a very talented illustrator, Mark Hill, Brad and I created “Eco Ed”, a cartoon series about the guy we can all relate to, who wants to do the right thing for the environment but is often not sure what the right thing is. We showed the concept to Joe Angel of Summit Publishing and he immediately decided he wanted to make it a regular feature in their Packaging World magazine, beginning last April.

Eco Ed has been well received by the readers of Packaging World, so Brad and I thought we would share them with our blog visitors as well. Below is our initial cartoon, which appeared in the April edition of Packaging World. We’ll show you more of Eco Ed in the future.


Eco Ed Shopping