Posted on December 12, 2017 by Dennis Salazar

E-Commerce Success: Congratulations to Owl Crate for Forbes Article!

Congratulations to Owl Crate for Forbes Article!

One of the things we most enjoy about doing what we do is watching and helping e-commerce and subscription start-ups become great success stories. I cannot describe the pleasure and pride we feel when one of our DTC (Direct to Consumer) customers is featured in a magazine, newspaper or even on TV.

Owlcrate Jr. Inside print. Salazar Packaging, e-commerce, subscription packagingOne of our oldest and favorite customers is whose artistic creativity does not fail to challenge our print capabilities. The result is always a great looking box that is cost effective and memorable, delivering the maximum positive unboxing experience.

Check out the December 12th issue of Forbes magazine (page 30) to read all about this neat company and their packaging.

Salazar Packaging, e-commerce, subscription packagingWe are so grateful for the opportunity to play even a small role in the success of our customers. We have grown steadily by helping our customers please their customers and attracting attention in this increasingly competitive market place. Kudos to Owl Crate and the many companies we serve, who work hard, work smart, and understand the value of quality packaging.

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