Posted on November 28, 2018 by Dennis Salazar

E-Commerce Packaging

What is the Best Packaging for Your E-Commerce Product?

We have created millions of boxes for thousands of customers, so people are usually very surprised when we suggest something other than a box for the application and product.

There are many situations when a mailer envelope meets the need at a lower packaging and shipping cost. These envelope options include padded and unpadded poly mailer envelopes, our very popular unpadded paper mailer envelopes, and our paperboard rigid (Stay Flat ®) style mailer envelopes similar to USPS, FedEx, and UPS rigid mailers but with your brand on them, not theirs. This post will focus on rigid mailers which are rapidly growing in popularity because of the graphics we are able to print on them.

Stay Flat® rigid mailer envelopes for superior protection   

Nothing can ruin the customer experience quicker than receiving damaged product. Whether the product is a flat paper-based product, a tee shirt, or a lingerie item like the EBY box below, a rigid mailer keeps the product flat and protected from edge or corner damage. The shipping process can be brutal, and few packaging options protect a product as well, including corrugated boxes.   

Rigid mailers for economics

EBY box and envelope usageIn most cases, depending on order quantity, a rigid mailer is lower in purchase cost, even with a multicolor printed design. They take up a lot less storage space than corrugated boxes and feature a “peel and seal” strip reducing packing and closure costs. The biggest difference they can make to your bottom line is shipping costs, especially now that all carriers price their service based on dimensional rates. The more room your package takes up in the truck, the more it is going to cost you. A flat package can save you a lot of money, in some cases enough to cover the cost of the mailer envelope.

Rigid mailers for superior graphics

Shipping boxes are typically printed using a flexographic process directly onto corrugated board. While there are other more sophisticated and more expensive print options such as litho label or digital, flexo printing has some limitations. For example, high gloss finishes are not possible, and colors must be separated with no overlap.

However, rigid mailers are printed (2,500 MINIMUM), offset onto paperboard so we can provide a total bleed (edge to edge) printing with full or partial gloss. The same flexo color separation requirements do not apply giving your graphic designer total flexibility and creativity.

Are rigid mailers for you and your product?        

As I recently told an inquiring customer, sometimes the best box for the job is not a box at all. Even “subscription boxes” do not have to be boxes. Your customer will appreciate a great looking, compact, easily recycled rigid mailer envelope and you will appreciate the look and cost.

If you are uncertain, one of our experienced branded packaging advisors are ready to help you determine the best option for you. You can call us at 630-551-1700 or email us at Salazar Packaging. We also invite you to our gallery to see a variety of packaging options for you and your product.

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