Posted on June 8, 2022 by Dennis Salazar

Digital Box Printing for E-commerce – better than ever!

Digital Printing Gives You Great Graphics

A few years ago, we launched a new additional web site,, because we saw a sharp increase in interest for upscale graphics on e-commerce boxes.

Even though we successfully direct print DTC corrugated shippers using flexographic printing equipment and litho label printing for high end graphics, we recognized the fact that digital offered some distinct advantages for certain applications including:

  • Short runs for influencer’s promotional purposes
  • New product trial runs
  • Small order quantities for marketing photo shoots
  • One time event or seasonal gifts
  • Multi-color graphic designs with tight registration required

The last point above is important because with a digital process just about any design you can imagine can be printed on an e-commerce box. The technology is constantly improving and thanks to some new equipment capabilities we have available, we can create digital printing that until recently was considered impossible.

Digital Printing on Kraft Board

Most digital printers still will not print on anything other than white Kemi (coated) board. Some digital equipment and inks simply do not cover the corrugated substrate well enough to create accurate and true colors on a kraft/brown substrate.

Kraft board is more sustainable and is less expensive compared to coated, white board. It is often more readily available with shorter lead times. Board minimums are typically higher for white, coated board stock, which can be a very costly if all you need is a short, one-time run.

To recap, printing on brown, kraft board looks more natural and sustainable and offers lower minimums and cost. At times like these, those are great reasons to use a Kraft board if possible.

Printing white ink on kraft board

digital box printing white on kraft by Salazar PackagingWe helped make this ink and board combination popular years ago while working with several household brand names who wanted a cleaner, more natural look. We soon excelled at printing white ink on kraft board using a low cost, standard flexographic print process.

The problem however was that most digital printing equipment is short an ink tank because they were only designed to run the four basic CMYK ink colors.

We can now utilize equipment designed to hold white ink so we can use it for straight white on kraft applications as well as a white underlayment on a kraft (brown) corrugated e-commerce box. This helps us create brighter, sharper colors even when our customer insists on using kraft board.

Expert Help for GREAT Custom Printed Boxes

As you can tell from the information above, achieving exceptional graphics on corrugated shipping boxes does take some level of expertise because there are so many variables. We have many tools and a lot of experience to help you accomplish the look and cost you want for your products.

It all begins with a conversation with me or one of our branded packaging advisors. Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us through We will be glad to provide you advice and guidance, at no cost or obligation.


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