Posted on February 5, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Combining Paperboard and Corrugated for Maximum DTC Unboxing Experience!

We LOVE making custom corrugated boxes. We are darn good at it and make millions every year for a wide variety of customers. A quick visit to our gallery will show you a very small sampling of the type of work we do.

Though our corrugated boxes are beautiful, they are rarely “retail quality” and you would not find one sitting on the display shelf at a high-end department store. Most are not truly designed for reuse or storage, for example to store the product being shipped like stationary, jewelry, or personal care products. That’s when combining paperboard and corrugated boxes provides the ultimate DTC unboxing experience.

Paperboard Boxes Deliver the Desired Retail, Storable, High-End Look

Rigid box with black finish interior by Salazar PackagingThis style of box is known by many names including rigid wall box, two-piece decorative box, chipboard gift box, telescoping paperboard box and set up boxes to name a few of the most popular. They are by far the style of box most used by the premium candy industry to display and sell assorted chocolates and other products such as board games, puzzles, etc. The top box slips over the bottom box creating an endless combination of looks and finishes.

What makes this box so valuable is the fact that unlike most of the corrugated shippers used to send them to the customer, set up boxes are rarely disposed or recycled. They are “fancy” and strong enough to be kept and reused indefinitely. That means your color, logo, and brand live virtually forever.

How to Make Your Box Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Of course, we offer flexographic, digital, and litho label printing on any of our boxes but one of things that makes rigid wall so unique is an endless number of design options and combinations including:full overlap rigid box with high gloss finish by Salazar Packaging

  • Embossing and debossing of logos and other graphic design components including foil
  • Interior lined tops and bottoms and/or colored board inside for a finished look
  • Textured paper exterior wraps including grass, wood, soft touch, metalized, poly laminated, spot varnishes, or virtually anything you want.
  • Pulls and handles, as well as drawers and matchbox designs
  • Inserts for enhanced product presentation

Boxes like this are not inexpensive, especially in small quantities (1,000 MOQ) but if the cost of your product can support it, that elusive WOW factor is easily created.

How to Protect Your Two-Piece Box During Shipment?  

Rigid box and shipper shown open and closed by Salazar PackagingThese decorative boxes are not designed to withstand normal UPS, USPS or FedEx shipment. Even if they were, would you really want the box to be delivered with tape, labels, and road grime on them? That defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

The best way to protect a box like this in shipment is a well-designed, inexpensive shipper. It could be an RSC style box, a die cut mailer box, or even a basic book fold type shipper like the one shown in the photo above.

It can be printed or unprinted, Kraft or white board, and has the strength by design to allow your decorative box to look great upon arrival.

Let us know if we can help you with either inside decorative or outside protective packaging. You can call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email at We will be glad to answer any questions help you determine what type of packaging is best for your specific product and application.

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