Posted on January 6, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Citizen Watches Wins Prestigious 2008 Globe Guard Eco-Consistency Award

Citizen Watch Company

OK, I will admit we do not yet have an official Globe Guard Eco Consistency award, but if we did, it would be darn prestigious and we would award to Citizen Watch Company. That has to be worth something, right? The fact is that we, like so many others in the green business, are quick to criticize when companies are inconsistent in their packaging. Therefore, we should also be ready, willing and able to point out when they do something positive.

Making Sure the Packaging “Fits” the Product

Rightsizing is a given but making sure that the package is sustainably appropriate for the product you are selling is an often overlooked detail. It seems logical doesn’t it that if a watch maker creates a watch series they decide to name “Eco-Drive” it is going to appeal to people like me who believe we all use way too many battery powered items in our daily lives. We are also almost certain to scrutinize the packaging and see if it is consistent with the product it contains.

I am glad to say Citizen passed my personal eco-consistency test with way above average scores. Both the outer folding carton and tubular display box the watch is actually placed in, are printed with ”proudly made of recycled paper” and include a large recycled logo. They would have gained a better score if they identified the recycled paper in terms of content and were specific about the PCW content but you have to give them credit for their effort in delivering a consistent eco-message in their products and their packaging.

It’s About Time

You may think I am damning Citizen with false praise but that could not be further from the truth. You would have to know how often companies send mixed or even contradictory messages to realize how much I appreciate it when they do well. To some it may seem trivial but to me is seems incredibly simple, especially today when eco friendly materials are readily availability, high in quality and competitive in terms of cost compared to so called “standard” packaging products. Caring is usually a good place to start if you hope to finish well in the eco market.

Congratulations to the Citizen Watch Company for their excellent example of good packaging and dare I say it, good eco citizenship. I have to wonder what their shipping boxes are made of. If they used Globe Guard boxes, they could be the first ever repeat winner in 2009.

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