Posted on March 30, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

Brown Paper Box Sealing Tape Makes a Great and Green First Impression

Reinforced paper water activated tape (WAT) is a great way to brand your packaging without the cost and inventory sometimes made necessary by custom printed boxes. We work with a number of companies who simply don’t have the volume, or perhaps use too many different sizes, to make branded shipping boxes a realistic option.

On the other hand, some very large volume shipping box users recognize WAT as a great way to put that finishing touch on a customer’s order. Yet others prefer WAT because it works better and delivers a more secure and greener package to their customers.

Memorable First Impressions

Making sure the customer remembers you in a positive way is important today as green product segments continue to grow and become more competitive. Regardless of what you offer, it is a sure bet that space is much more crowded than it was just a few short years ago. For many web-based companies, the package being delivered to their customer may be the first tangible and physical contact they have with that new customer, so the impression they make is extremely important.

Here are a few companies that have trusted us with that all important first impression:


Even though they were already using custom printed boxes and tissue, they still saw the value of completing the look with custom printed WAT. You can see it is subtle and classy and extremely consistent with the high quality, very green image they work to communicate. For more information, read this blog post on Coyuchi’s packaging transformation.

Green Shops

Here is a company that is very proud of the fact that they utilize previously used, or as they call them, “ugly boxes,” as often as possible. They could enclose a note like others do explaining their reuse of packaging, but instead they decided to make their box sealing tape multipurpose. This extraordinary green store delivers an unusual message in a colorful and attractive way that is sure to be remembered by their customers.

Kingdom LED and Sensio America

Few green markets are getting as crowded as quickly as LED lighting because of energy savings as well as other eco benefits. Kingdom LED is the exclusive domestic distributor of industry leader Sensio America, and both believe their packaging sends an important message to their mutual and individual customers. So we helped them create two different tapes that are crisp, clear and very recognizable.

With our wide selection of Globe Guard® packaging products, Salazar Packaging is rapidly becoming one of the leading suppliers to the green community of custom printed, custom branded tape, boxes and mailer envelopes because we do it right. Our experience and eye for detail make us a trusted partner in what can be a difficult and at times disappointing process. Our one and only objective is to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Contact us for more details and information on how we can help you deliver that memorable green image you want for your customers.