Posted on March 24, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

A Less Expensive Way to a Greener Box Sealing Tape Solution

As we have mentioned before, we enjoy helping customers switch from pressure sensitive tape to water activated tape (WAT) because we are convinced it is a more eco friendly and usually, a better way to seal a box.

WAT Dispenser Cost Can Be an Obstacle

I think most people realize paper water activated tape is a more sustainable than plastic pressure sensitive tape and the reasons are well documented, including several times on this blog. Up to now, we offered two WAT dispensers, both of excellent quality but the prices have been $395 for the semi-automatic unit and $995 for our electric unit. This has often been a major problem for low volume customers or even larger volume tape users with multiple packing and taping stations.

An Unfair Comparison of Tape Applicators

“But my plastic tape supplier gives me my tape guns for free”.  I have heard this many times and am amazed some people still don’t realize they are paying for those “free or low cost” pressure sensitive tape applicators, in any number of ways –

  • Higher tape prices (applicator cost built into tape cost)
  • Larger tape purchase quantities than needed (X case minimum)
  • Poor performance resulting in greater usage (multiple tape strips to seal box)
  • Damaged or pilfered packages due to poor adhesion (improper use of applicator)

There really is no way to fairly compare a WAT dispenser to in inexpensive, imported plastic, light weight, hand taper that is designed for continued and repeated replacement. In other words, the disposable taper keeps customers using the tape.

A Less Expensive Paper Tape Dispenser Solution

packer3s_tapeWe are pleased to be carrying a manual taper with a two year parts warranty and steel frame construction. It is compact and requires no power making it completely portable and has a low list price of $116. Keeping in mind we always offer discounts for our tape customers, you can usually expect a price under $100 per unit, especially for multiple unit buyers. This enables WAT users to make the change over from plastic tape with little initial expense. Keep in mind that in most cases we are easily able to prove that the water activated tape will cost less per box and per application.

The Time for Greener Packaging Is Now

There has never been an easier and less expensive time to make the more eco friendly move. Whether your application requires plain, reinforced, standard print or even custom printed water activated tape, we can help you analyze the overall cost and determine the best tape and equipment option.


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