Posted on May 22, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

A Great E-commerce Box is More Affordable Than You Think

       We are very sensitive to the fact that many of our customers are start-ups or are launching new sites and new products so cash flow may not be positive at this stage. We strive to make sure the customer is well informed on all their options now which may help them to avoid an unanticipated, costly makeover of their new packaging.

That is why we don’t have a plug and play type site where people can design their own boxes, usually with no help whatsoever. We insist on getting involved in the design process because after creating millions of boxes for thousands of customers, we may have an idea or two that will set your box apart form the rest, at MINIMAL cost. Most people are surprised at how little cost difference there is between a good e-commerce box or a great one that becomes a star on Instagram or other social media sites.

Here are a few available features and options as well as ballpark cost percentages, but keep in mind cost for any box or feature is determined by many factors, especially size, graphics, and order quantity. The goal is always to help you create a unique, awesome e-commerce or subscription box, at minimal cost.

Available E-commerce Box Features

DTC box with unusual product configurationDTC Box closure options– You can check out this post but there are several design options available to you. The best part is that usually they add ZERO additional cost.

Custom Printed Boxes with a Second Color– There are limitations on what is or is not possible (see this post) and of course a second color requires a second print plate if printing flexo, but the second color (same side) price difference is usually less than 5%.

Right size your DTC box – The interesting thing about this suggestion is that it usually results in a cost SAVINGS. Customers always tend to oversize their boxes “just in case” so right sizing saves money in several ways. See first “related post” below.

Inside printing on an E-commerce Box – this is one of the more expensive options on any box (usually 20 to 30%) but it delivers a great customer experience. If that cost is out of range right now, keep in mind we can always add inside print later. See second related post below.

Custom Inserts for DTC boxes – Custom inserts protect and present your products better than any bubble, foam or loose void fill.  They can also be printed (see this post) and the costs vary greatly, but they can save a lot of money in terms of labor and damage prevention. Much like inside printing, it can always be added in the future as your business grows.

e-commerce box with insertPeel and seal strips for tapeless box sealing- usually combined with easy open perforations and tear tape making the unboxing quicker and safer. They can add as much as 20 to 30% to the cost on a box (depending on size and order quantity) but on a box costing $.80 is it worth sixteen cents to prevent customer injury or product damage while opening, and reduce cost on manual taping? Learn more at the third (related post) link below.

These are just a few of the options we are prepared to discuss with you but remember, a good magician never shows all his tricks and as many of our customers will tell you, we perform magic on DTC and subscription boxes. Check out our gallery to see just some of the work we have done and the companies we have had the honor of serving.

Contact us via email or call us at 630-551-1700 to speak with one of our experienced, well trained branded packaging advisors. We look forward to learning more about your product and e-commerce application.


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