Posted on May 12, 2014 by Dennis Salazar

Which is Best? Custom Printed RSC Boxes versus Custom Printed Tape

Rarely is it advisable for anyone to print both their corrugated boxes and their tape so a very common question is “Which one is better for me?” Since we offer both options we are in a unique, experienced position to give an unbiased recommendation for anyone’s application and situation.

The pros and cons of custom printed WAT:

On the plus side, wateYour brand on cusotm printed taper activated tape (WAT) requires minimal set up and plate cost. You can spend as little as $50 for a one color plate resulting in a tape you can apply to any size box. The WAT we offer is ecofriendly, repulpable and does a superior job of securely sealing any corrugated box. Usually, the more box sizes you have, the more likely it is that printing and branding your tape is the better option.

The down side of WAT is that it is water activated so a dispenser is required. If you are accustomed to sealing your boxes in multiple locations with hand held plastic tape dispensers, you may find WAT a little restrictive. Also, with a six case (10 rolls per case) minimum, the initial investment can be substantial.

3 PMS colors on KraftThe pros and cons of custom printed RSC boxes

The advantages of custom printed boxes are many, especially from the total branding impact they deliver. Multiple colors, flood coats, printing inside and outside the box are all possible. You can print anywhere on the six sides of the box giving you a lot of “billboard” to work with, making it easier to work around large shipping labels.

The disadvantage of custom printed boxes is that our 1,000 box minimum is considered low in the industry but can result in more inventory than you might want to take on in terms of dollars and space. Since boxes are typically printed on flexographic equipment, each color printed inside and/or outside requires a separate plate that typically cost between $400 and $600 each.

Custom Branding Packaging Application Review

These are some basic questions and answers to begin the process. Everyone’s needs are different and they include the box dimension range, the number of different box sizes, and of course what type of graphics you want. The best way to determine which option is best for you is to discuss your specific requirements with one of our experienced packaging specialists.

NOTE: The information above applies primarily to RSC style boxes. However, we also make and print die cut mailers and our answers might vary slightly on that style of shipping container. Contact us at Salazar Packaging if you have any questions or would like to schedule an application review.


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