Posted on February 7, 2014 by Dennis Salazar

What’s Your Price for Custom Printed Boxes?

QuestionIt is a common web inquiry or the opening question by someone calling our office. I often joke that is much like walking in a shoe store and asking for their price for a pair of shoes or entering a car dealer and asking how much a car will cost. Life would be far simpler if it was that easy and that quick.

The fact is that in order to give you an accurate price with no surprises at the end, we do have to ask a number of seemingly detailed questions. The process is also designed to give the inquirer a better idea of the options available to them. An appreciative “oh, you can do that” or “I want that” makes it all worthwhile. A perfect example is inside printing. Most people do not realize that printing on the inside of a box is even possible and surprisingly affordable.

The factors that determine the price of a custom printed box:

Box style – do you need an RSC (regular slotted container) or FOL (full overlap) design? Or do you want more of a presentation box like a die cut mailer with a hinged lid that opens up like a cigar box? If a die cut mailer is what you need, there are several styles available for you. (see last “related post” link below)

Board grade – though most of our RSC boxes are 32ECT and most of our mailers are made of 32B board, the variety of boards we offer is much larger. Micro flutes (E and F) are much more popular now as customers work to create boxes that are as decorative as they are functional.

Board Color – board is available in brown (natural Kraft) and white and we can create any inside combination you may want. Kraft out and white in? No problem. White inside and out? Again, we can deliver.

Printing – this is the part we love because it enables customers to create their very own look. In many cases art has not been fully developed and that is OK. All we really need to know initially is how many colors, and inside and/or outside?

Quantity – More than any other single factor, the size of the order most influences the price of the boxes. Our minimum on most boxes is 1,000, but customers are usually surprised when they see how much less expensive a run of 2,000 boxes can be.

Is  Buying Custom Printed Boxes Overly Complicated?

Not at all but it is detailed if you want to do it right. Perhaps that is why so many box suppliers recommend against it. They simply don’t want to mess with it because it is time consuming and honestly, they don’t trust themselves or their companies to do it correctly.

Custom printing is so very gratifying for us and our customers. We occasionally receive a note from a customer about their plain/unprinted boxes but we routinely get emails and phone calls from customers who LOVE their new custom printed boxes. It is great to know how excited and pleased they are and the amount of time and detail it took to get there, is quickly forgotten. Two things to remember:

Custom printed boxes are much more affordable than you probably think.

Custom printed boxes are more impressive than you can imagine.      

The key is to have the right partner and we believe we are. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project.

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