What is “Semi-Custom” Packaging?

From our very beginning in early 2007, our objective was to make custom branded and eco-friendly packaging available and affordable to almost everyone. Our minimums are low and our custom printed prices very competitive with companies selling only stock, unprinted boxes.

Semi-Custom Packaging is a term we coined over ten years ago and it is at least one of the many ways we have worked to accomplish the above goal. It is simply, to offer customers existing tooling for free use for their mailer box and mailer envelope needs. The substrate (board, paper and paperboard) have already been determined, closing features have already been designed making the entire process easier and more affordable for our customers.

The savings of time and money are very real enabling us to deliver product quickly and at minimal cost. Our customers differ greatly but the three things most have in common are: they want attractive, professional looking packaging, they want it soon, and they want it at minimal cost. Our semi-custom program is designed to do exactly that.

A few examples of our semi-custom designs:


Custom Printing of Our Stock Sizes


die cut pop in insert

Custom Partitions and Dividers with NO Tooling Costs


Rigid mailers

Custom Printing on our Stock Paper and Rigid Envelope Sizes

Custom printed insert

Custom Inserts in Our Stock, Available Cutting Die Box Sizes

Printing and Branding to Achieve a Custom Look


Salazar Packaging has quickly become a leader in custom printed, branded packaging of STOCK products. We can often times ship a new custom printed customer order within two weeks and a repeat order in a week. The best part of what we do for our customers is deliver that custom printed box or mailer envelope at a very competitive price.


“I never realized I could afford custom printed packaging” is the happy comment we hear after they receive their new custom printed packaging.


Bottom line, we are experts at satisfying your specific requirements with any and all resources at our disposal. You do not have to accept a more expensive and less effective “one product” solution when you work with a company that understands materials, processes and design to accomplish
your unique packaging goals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.

semi-custom packaging