Posted on June 8, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

The Green Get Greener with Reusable Packaging

You Can't Reuse Poor Quality Packaging

Eco Bags is one of our newest customers but I think most would agree they are not band wagon jumpers in the area of reusable or sustainable packaging. In fact, they are often credited as having helped to build the wagon for others, because they’ve been suppliers of reusable shopping bags and other green products for over twenty years. They know green and live it on a daily basis including reusing packaging as often and in every way possible.

Reusable Green Products Deserve Reusable Green Packaging

A quick look at the Eco Bags website shows a wide variety of reusable and eco friendly products designed to help heal and preserve our planet. They offer beautiful stock and custom products in many shapes and colors from domestic manufacturers as well as other parts of the world.

Importing product makes the reuse of factory packaging a challenge because the quality and standards in other parts of the world of some packaging products such as corrugated shipping boxes, are not high as ours. Importing also means the product and packaging have to make a long trip by boat with additional handling at both ends of the voyage. The end result is that in some cases (photo shown above) the poor quality packaging does not hold up nearly as well as the high quality products Eco Bags imports.

Keep in mind that even when the foreign packaging survives the trip to Eco Bags, it will likely require additional shipment to a distribution point, fulfillment house, or even to a retailer. The product may also be custom printed which typically results in additional handling, shipment and repacking.

When Reusing Packaging Is Not Possible

At some point it is no longer practical to reuse packaging when the product’s security or cleanliness becomes at risk. The people at Eco Bags are experts at extending the life of packaging but there is a time when the packaging patient has to be pronounced dead and requiring replacement.

At that time the challenge is to utilize new packaging that is consistent with their green mission and does minimal harm to the environment. After review of their options the good people at Eco Bags selected Globe Guard boxes as their domestic supplier. They liked the fact that our boxes are 100% PCW recycled content. They also appreciate our competitive prices and our ability to help them brand their boxes with their popular logo and web address.

We are pleased to be suppliers of green, cost competitive and custom branded shipping boxes to some greenest companies in America. Companies like Eco Bags tend to be very selective about their packaging and suppliers and we appreciate it.

A Sales Message on Every Globe Guard Shipping Box