Posted on April 27, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

The Great Variety of Custom, Green Interior and Protective Packaging

Even though we are best known for the boxes we sell, it’s what we can create for the inside of the box that truly sets us apart in a crowded field of packaging suppliers.

Recently, we have blogged about partitions and molded pulp options, and our inflatable and other “stock” void fill options are also quite popular. However, the need for custom packaging continues to grow as companies work not only to minimize packaging but also to completely eliminate unfavorable materials such as EPS foam in favor of greener alternatives. Of course, this all has to be accomplished at minimal cost and deliver the product being shipped safely to its destination.

Misconceptions about Engineered and Custom Protective Packaging

Custom or engineered packaging solutions do not necessarily mean large minimums or extremely high cost. In fact, most application analysis and cost comparisons result in substantial overall savings because they almost always reduce the amount of packaging used and especially the labor required to perform the packaging.

Custom engineered protective packaging can make packers more efficient because in many cases we are eliminating multiple packaging components with one product specifically designed for the application. A perfect example is a “U” custom channel to replace multiple pieces of “stock” angle board or the elimination of loose corner pieces that are often difficult to hold in place during packing.

Protective Packaging in Just About Any Size and Shape

Packaging to protect vulnerable areas


Regardless of the size, shape and weight of the product being shipped, we can typically create a product to protect it. Many solutions are designed with flexibility in mind and are able to adjust for contours and curves. We determine where the product is most vulnerable and create a custom solution to provide protection where it is most needed.

The shipping box or container typically plays a critical role as well, and as a designer of corrugated boxes we can also assist in that part of the application. For example, we can create the ideal, properly fitting corrugated case to fit the interior packaging being used. We have also been able to save customers thousands of dollars in tooling costs by helping them avoid expensive, hard-to-assemble die cut corrugated solutions.

Green Protective Packaging

To some customers, the best benefit of most of our interior packaging designs is how green they are. Most are made of paper-based product so they are typically biodegradable, compostable and very easy to recycle, usually at curb side.

Even our foam products are available in a biodegradable formulation, so there is really no good reason to utilize any products that are not easily disposed.

As usual, it all begins with a complete product and application review, so please contact us to discuss your biggest interior packaging challenge. Chances are, we have already handled a similar application at a lower cost with greener packaging.