Posted on November 2, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

The Best Deal in E-commerce DTC Packaging – Inside Print on RSC boxes

The purpose of this post is to remind you that at approximately half the cost, an RSC box can be a much better value than a die cut mailer. Take that as fact from a company and guy who make millions of die cut mailer boxes every year.

 What is the difference between a die cut mailer and an RSC?

I usually explain this by describing an RSC style box has four flaps on top and four flaps on the bottom. It is sealed with a strip on tape on the top and bottom where the flaps come together. They are also known as moving or shipping boxes.

A die cut mailer we describe as a cigar box type of design that features a lid that is attached to the back or rear panel. It closes by either tucking into the top opening or wrapping around the front with locking tabs that help hold it closed. It is also sealed with tape across the front so it does not open in shipment.

Why do people prefer die cut mailers over RSC style boxes?

We probably are as responsible as anybody for fueling the popularity and “unboxing experience” of die cut mailers. That is why die cut mailer boxes are also known as “presentation” type boxes because when the lid is opened all the products are arranged and displayed for the consumer/recipient to see. For some products, that is very desirable because they show off the contents and eliminate the need for sheet (bubble or foam) or loose void fill such as peanuts, or shredded paper.

Despite the substantially higher cost, the primary reason shippers prefer die cut mailers is for the way they look. People love the way they can be printed inside and outside, and all those printable surfaces make it great for branding and messaging.

Can your products be shipped in an RSC box?     

The answer is possibly. Our claim to fame is our ability to help our customers create the most attractive box at the lowest possible cost after considering several factors such as product weight, shape, count, fragility, etc. We also consider the esthetics as suggested by the products price point and the recipient/customer’s expectations. In other words, we probably would not advise shipping an expensive cosmetic starter set in an RSC style box, and we would not suggest shipping twelve aluminum cans of water in a die cut mailer. Our experience reviewing hundreds of applications every year is what enables us to help our customers make the best-informed decision for their specific need and application.

How can you get the best of both worlds?

If you like the potential savings but still want to create a positive unboxing experience, the solution may be an RSC box with custom printing inside and outside. That may sound expensive, but a quote will confirm printing inside on an RSC styler box adds minimal cost.

The key is having the right equipment. I would have to get into a long discussion on how RSC boxes are manufactured and printed for all of the details but I can tell you most equipment would require two passes through the printer and cutter. This requires down time for the new set up and overall changeover time can prove very costly. We utilize a machine that prints both in/out surfaces at the same time, using a single pass. This enables us to produce at a remarkably similar cost compared to a box printed on the outside only.

We're happy to help you with your packaging questionsThe best advice for anyone wanting to produce a great e-commerce box

Consider ALL options! Is an RSC box the best solution for you, whether it is printed in, out or on both sides? We honestly don’t know but we can determine that together after a brief conversation. Our branded packaging advisors are experienced and trained to quickly identify money saving designs and products.

We will help you determine the best path forward whether you have been shipping for years or have yet to launch your new web site. We work with many new companies or old companies with new products. Contact us at or call us at 630-551-1700.

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