Posted on May 28, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Soft-But-Firm Sustainable Packaging Solution

Eco Nest Eco Friendly Void Fill

Eco Nest Eco Friendly Void Fill

Those are words usually reserved for describing a mattress or pillow but it this case they are also the best way to describe our new Globe Guard Eco Nest void fill product.  It is very effective, undeniably green, an amazingly simple idea, and quite frankly it handles certain applications better and lower in cost than most “high tech” or “engineered” packaging solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Simplicity

Globe Guard Eco Nest is essentially nothing more that shredded corrugated board. Perhaps a little packaging science went into the determining the best width and length of the strands of corrugated board but it is as basic a concept as possible – used corrugated boxes are recycled, shredded and turned into protective, loose void fill. The product can be used over and over but when it is time for disposal, it can be recycled again and probably be used to make new corrugated boxes like our Globe Guard 100% recycled PCW corrugated boxes.  The whole concept and process is so simple, it’s almost ingenious.

The Pros and Cons of Loose Void Fill

The greatest benefit by far is that loose void fill easily and fully conforms to the shape of the product being packed. That is what makes products like foam peanuts appealing from a user/shipper perspective, though perhaps not from a receiver/customer perspective. Loose fill dispenses easily and quickly, is usually light weight, and most versions are relatively low in cost.

The down side of loose fill is that it often settles and crushes, especially when used to pack dense, heavy products. It is not at all unusual to receive and open a package where the product being shipped has drifted to the bottom of the box and the loose fill packaging material has shifted to the top where it offers little or no protection. Globe Guard Eco Nest conforms and supports but does not breakdown.

What Makes Globe Guard Eco Nest Different?

When a bird makes a nest in a tree, the components, usually twigs and blades of grass, have little strength individually, however when woven and working together, they are amazingly strong and resilient. We have all seen a nest on the ground that fell from a tree due to a wind storm, and noticed it is always fully intact. That is the same concept that makes Globe Guard Eco Nest such a terrific product from a performance standpoint. The shredded corrugated strands mesh to support even the heaviest and most delicate products – even when they are shipped via USPS, UPS and FedEx.

The Distribution Side of Sustainable Packaging

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We have been in the packaging distribution business a long time and we realize that getting a product to the end user at a reasonable cost, with minimal carbon footprint, and on a timely basis are minimum service requirements. If we can’t accomplish that, the product performance and price becomes almost immaterial. That is why we have enlisted the help of two of our Globe Guard box distributors in Philadelphia, PA and Irvine, CA to stock and ship this product for us to their respective coasts. Between the three of us, we are sure we will be able to satisfy your delivery requirements, promptly and at the lowest possible cost.