Posted on October 17, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

SMB Essentials Chooses Sustainable Retail Packaging from Salazar Packaging for new SON and Lotus Moon Gift Packs

When SMB Essentials first contacted us, their objective was already clearly defined. They wanted to create new retail and web order gift packs to enable customers to try their natural and organic products. They were also committed to using packaging consistent with their healthy, sustainable approach while being structurally well designed, minimal for environmental reasons, cost effective, and of course, attractive.

Who is SMB Essentials?

SMB Essentials is a Green America, Gold business (as we are) that is quickly becoming a leader in the important, fast growing area of beauty and wellness. People (women and men) are becoming increasingly aware thGreat design plus great graphics equals great packageat what they put ON their bodies is every bit as important as what they put IN to their bodies.

Two of their most popular brands are their SON for men and Lotus Moon for women that include shaving and skin care products. Please check out their web site for more information on Son, Lotus Moon and other SMB Essentials products.

What Makes Sustainable Packaging?

It begins with an approach and design that is focused on minimal in design, rather than as complicated and expensive as possible. A good start is to create a paperboard carton design that includes a built in insert incorporated into the carton design. By doing that, we typically reduce packaging in terms of volume and weight, and that will always translate into a carton cost savings. In addition, because only one cutting die is required to cut one packaging SKU, there is an initial tooling savings as well. In this case, since the men’s and women’s product sizes are identical, the benefits of single tooling were substantial.

Lotus Moon 2It was important that the “open window” shadow box design showed the product, stayed strong enough to hold the product in position, withstand consumer handling while discouraging pilferage, so we recommended a strong 24 point board. It is white inside to help the product stand out against the background and white outside to enable the printing of SMB’s beautiful graphic designs. The packaging was manufactured utilizing renewable energy and printed with water based inks, making it 100% recyclable, repulpable and even biodegradable.

Good Structural Design is the Foundation

I usually compare the structural design work we do to the foundation and frame of a house in that everything else follows. Quite often design clients and even experienced packaging designers are so focused on how a package will look on the shelf or the color of the roofing material in the house analogy, while we typically consider:

  • How a package design is manufactured to reduce packaging and labor cost?
  • How it is assembled and packed?
  • How it is shipped and stored?
  • How effective is it in terms of product protection?
  • How consumer friendly it is?

We have all seen great looking retail packaging that simply does not work or is impossible for the consumer to open. It is not unusual for us to be asked to “fix” packaging that someone else created because it is difficult to use or is labor intensive. This is something that we are more than capable of doing but unfortunately in most cases it involves the customer having to spend money on new plates or cutting dies. It is so much easier and less expensive to do it right the first time.

Please do not hesitate to contact Salazar Packaging for a confidential, no cost review of your retail packaging application. We are confident we can help you determine the best design and packaging solution for your specific needs.

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