Posted on March 12, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Slash Box Sealing Tape Usage with a New Corrugated Box Style and L-Clips

Here’s good news for a struggling economy – sustainable packaging should never involve spending more money. Quite often, making secondary packaging more eco friendly is simply a matter of taking advantage of old ideas.

Box sealing tape is a good example. Most shippers use an RSC style corrugated box and use multiple strips of paper or plastic box sealing tape to secure it for shipment. Because an RSC box has two flaps that meet in the center of the box along its length dimension, a good deal of tape is required for the job.

But what if, instead of an RSC, you used a full overlap (FOL) box or a tuck-in folder? Pictured below is a tuck folder. An FOL is similar in concept, only the flap doesn’t tuck in.


With these box styles, one or more “L-Clips” of filament tape can be used to seal the box for shipment. Not only does the L-Clip sealing method reduce packaging material use, it speeds up the case sealing process and is easier for the recipient to open.

Switching to an FOL or tuck folder might result in a box comprised of more corrugated material than the original RSC. In that case, making the change won’t make sense from a sustainable packaging point of view. In many cases, however, a corrugated redesign results in less corrugated material used, making the L-Clip solution more than doubly effective.

Not sure whether L-Clips will work for you? Contact us and we’ll review your application!