Posted on January 14, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Green, Cost Saving Packaging by Combining Stock and Custom Products

We are always looking for ways to help our customers reduce or minimize cost and recently we had two situations where we literally had to think inside as well as outside the box in order to get the job done.

New Products and Unique Packaging

Sometimes the challenge is how to economically create custom packaging for a new and unique product and not break the bank doing it. In other words, protecting a product during shipment and making it affordable, even when the volume is relatively small. One way to do it is to combine stock and custom products rather than working with all custom items and eliminating some or the entire cost of dies and tooling.

Here are two recent examples:

orrugated partitions with eco friendly shipping box

Custom partitions and pads with stock RSC shipping boxes

Pente5 is a fast growing manufacturer of organic extracts which are all packed in glass bottles. They needed to create a four pack shipper case as well as a six pack shipper case for a new product launch.

We had no choice but to create custom pads and partitions for them but we intentionally designed them to fit two of our stock boxes. The finished product turned out great and we were able to avoid a higher cost custom box. This also minimized the amount of inventory they would have to buy and stock for their new product.

corrugated inserts with eco friendly diecut mailer

Custom inserts with stock die cut mailers

Spectrum Technologies is a manufacturer of weather monitoring devices and a good friend and neighbor. Their office is literally across the street from our facility and they asked for our assistance to create a three pack for a new, unusually shaped product.

We were pleased to discover our stock 9” X 6.5” X 2.75” die cut corrugated mailer fit the three products perfectly. Then all we had to do was design an insert that would immobilize the products during shipment. The insert fit perfectly into the stock box and the cost was minimized for the product and the tooling as well.

Green packaging solutions often require flexibility and creativity

There are many suppliers who sell only stock products and others who push everything into custom packaging but we see the advantage of combining the two whenever possible. We make green, custom packaging affordable and would like to help you with your packaging challenge.