Posted on October 24, 2022 by Dennis Salazar

Modular Packaging Design for E-Commerce (DTC) Packaging

We have always attracted a lot of first-time business owners, new companies, or new product launches for existing companies. We love it because the challenges are exciting, the applications fuel our own creativity, and the excitement of the people we get to work with is infectious.

Even if the new brand manager or entrepreneur does not have any sales history or customer feedback yet, we work to produce minimum cost from the very beginning.

Packaging Provider with Overall Lower Costs

Helping our customers achieve the lowest possible start-up cost is not just about the price of a box and/or insert. Especially on a new application, minimizing costs is also about the high price of cutting dies and print plates. Like just about everything else, these initial, necessary pre-production expenses can quickly add up to thousands, so we try to help control those potential costs by learning as much as possible about the application and future sales and product line objectives.    

Free E-commerce Packaging Reviews

It is not at all uncommon for an inquiry to request a quote or estimate during their initial contact with us. We get that. The cost of packaging is important but providing accurate pricing is difficult if we don’t know anything about the customer or the product being shipped. Our decades of experience help us to see the present and the future, so we encourage our customers to share their future vision as well as the current or initial plans. If we can build that future into the current packaging, it becomes a win/win for the customer. Immediate needs satisfied with future needs accommodated.

What is Modular Packaging DTC Design?

Here are a few questions we may ask you during your no cost, no obligation packaging review:

  • How many different products, flavors, scents will you offer initially? Do you already have plans for additional products?
  • Do you anticipate having product combinations and configurations such as two packs, three packs, etc.?
  • Do you plan to offer significant cost savings to motivate customers to place multiple product orders?

Some questions are easily answered but many are not when the customer has very little or no sales history. One of the many tools we use to help customers who have more questions than answers is modular design. Modular design is essentially creating packaging components that provide as much flexibility and versatility as possible. They also allow the customer to add or delete products without having to completely retool with new, expensive cutting dies and print plates.

A Perfect Application for a Modular Packaging Design Solution  

3 product shipper with 3 different inserts by Salazar PackagingThe photographs included in this post show a great example of modular design for a new company. We reviewed the three initial products they plan to launch with and created overall identical size inserts featuring custom cutouts for each product size and shape. So, the customer can place any combination of the three products within the three-pack shipper. One of each item, two of one and only one of the third, etc. You understand no matter what the order is, the packaging is designed to handle it. We also created a one pack and two-pack shippers (not shown) for smaller orders when less than three items are being ordered.Same insert in a 1 product shipper by Salazar Packaging

The big advantage for our customer is if one product changes in terms of shape or dimensions, only one new (smaller) cutting die is required. If the insert is natural kraft, white, or flood coat printed, no print plate change or replacement has to be made. Modular packaging design enables us to provide you with maximum flexibility and minimal cost now and later. Keep in mind that there is likely a 3PL savings as well (see first related post below) because of the flexibility and ease of order packing. No void fill material is EVER required.

If you have a new product or product line you are launching, talk to us. There is no charge for the consultation and packaging design is truly not a good DIY project. Put our experience to work for you! Call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email. Our branded packaging advisors are waiting to help you create packaging and reduce your overall costs.

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