Posted on September 20, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

L’Oreal: Green, Beyond the Obvious

PureologyL’Oreal is serious about sustainability, and that commitment goes well beyond the surface. You might say like beauty, it’s more than skin deep.

They have proactively helped lead the cosmetics industry, making their products and primary packaging as sustainable as possible. I am pleased to say they also see the value of making their secondary packaging consistent with everything else they do and believe.

This world famous French company consists of 27 different brands, many of which are household names. Domestically in the U.S., they include retail consumer brands like Maybelline, Softsheen and Garnier, as well as professional product lines including Matrix, Redken and Pureology, to name just a few.

Marketing Promotions Create Unique Green Opportunities  

What can make secondary packaging for special marketing promotions especially challenging is that you are never sure if they are ever going to repeat. As a result, you don’t want to waste a lot of time and money designing and creating tooling you may never need or be able to use again. Not only is a one-time design expensive, let’s face it, it is also kind of wasteful and not very green.

The people at Pureology were in need of two different size shipping containers that were green and could also be branded. We were able to provide them with two of our Globe Guard® stock die-cut corrugated mailers that fit their needs well and were 100% recycled content and 100% recyclable. For the minimal cost of a couple of print plates, we were able to quickly deliver stock boxes with a custom-branded look.

Green Accolades for L’Oreal and Pureology

They could have easily placed their product in almost any corrugated container and most people would not have noticed. After all, isn’t one corrugated box just like another? Actually, no, and they realized that all boxes are not the same, so they deliberately sought out one that is consistent with their product, their packaging and their commitment to sustainability. They selected a Globe Guard® 100% recycled content container, and we thank them for that extra effort and their fine example of “eco consistency.”

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