Posted on August 12, 2021 by Dennis Salazar

Inside Printing on RSC Style Shipping Boxes

E-Commerce Box Inside Printing

Much has changed since we first started printing e-commerce boxes. It may seem incredible now but fourteen years ago, very few people were shipping boxes with inside printing. Obviously, we were not the only ones who saw that branding and messaging potential of an interior print, but I am certain we were one of the leaders, nationally. We began promoting that option and capability and it led us to work with a variety of well-known companies who also recognized the benefit and potential.


Inside Printing on an RSC style box?

A new fast-growing trend reminds me of those early die cut mailer days. That is the capability of printing inside and outside on a common RSC style standard shipping box. There are applications where the preference is to keep the exterior of a shipping box plain or with minimal printing. High value items and personal care products come to mind. In those situations, exterior print is not desirable, so branding is minimal. However, the inside of the box is available for printing and many wise customers are using it to print:random repeat thank you graphics by Salazar Packaging

  • A solid brand color. Example a blue flood coat of your company color.
  • A random repeat of your company logo or tag line, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • A well-placed message on the inside of the four flaps used to close and seal the box. A thank you note is very a popular use.


Who ships e-commerce in an RSC box?

inside, outside custom print on RSC shipper by Salazar PackagingA growing number of smart people who realize how much less RSC boxes cost compared to die cut mailer boxes. With two large, corrugated industry price increases in the last eight months, and another on the immediate horizon, reducing and/or minimizing the cost of packaging is more important than ever.

An equipment innovation has also fueled this trend by printing the inside and outside of an RSC box in one pass. Previously, an RSC would have to be run through a press twice, adding labor and machine time costs. This resulted in a higher cost per box, making inside print less appealing. A new equipment design permits simultaneous printing inside and out, making it much more affordable, widening the gap between RSC and die cut mailer.


What is the best DTC packaging option for you?

There are so many options available to e-commerce shippers today that it can be confusing and somewhat frustrating, especially for a new, first-time packaging buyer. Determining the best packaging solution is not a good DIY project and self-diagnosing your packaging ailments is rarely a good idea. That is why selecting a good, experienced partner is so important.

We are proud to say we produce millions of attractive, effective boxes every year for hundreds of applications. We can help guide you to the best solution, whether your primary concern is:

  • Cost per unit
  • Shipping cost
  • Assembly and packing cost
  • Product presentation
  • Product protection

Would you like to receive a sample of an RSC box with inside print? Let us know and we will be glad to mail one to you. Or Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700. There is no cost for a review and evaluation of your very specific needs. No business is too large or too small. We work with very large household company names and people operating a new home-based business. Wherever you are, we have been there before you and can help you accomplish your objectives.


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