Posted on December 31, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

I Am the Perfect Sustainable Package

I don’t want to end 2010 with a depressing topic, but like many people, I too tend to get reflective this time of year as I review the passing year’s accomplishments and failures. It is also an excellent time to list the objectives I hope to be able to achieve in the next twelve months, of course assuming I live long enough, which is actually the point of this slightly different (for me) blog post.

A Season of Losses

Over the course of the last two years I have lost my father who gave me life, my mentor who gave me a career, and several close friends. It is sad to witness the passing of friends and family because each one is significant and diminishes the richness and fullness of our lives. To everything there is a season, and it appears I have entered the season when I am separated from some of the people I love and respect, at least temporarily if you believe in an afterlife, and gratefully, I do.

The Ultimate and Final Package

Recently, I happened to see an advertisement for a company offering containers and storage vaults for those who prefer cremation over burial for environmental reasons. “Hmmm,” I thought, “doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” I will admit I have not done all of my homework (yet) but I am confident I would find other “greenies” on both sides of this or almost any argument. Regardless of the differing perspectives and opinions, it seems to me cremation is a much more eco friendly option compared to burial, especially when you consider the packaging, and of course, I have to because after all, that’s what I do.

I have no desire for a final burial or cremation container that will protect my remains for decades or even centuries. I also don’t care to occupy an eternal “storage space,” whether it is large and six feet under ground or smaller and neatly tucked away in what is nothing more than a file cabinet for the left behind ashes of the dearly and clearly departed. It is growing increasingly obvious the new, green-minded consumer is heading in a different direction than in the past while the funeral and cemetery industries try hard to remain relevant as well as profitable.

My Maker Made a Perfect Package

As I pondered this topic and considered my options, I realized that regardless of how badly I may have taken care of my earthly human container (my body), in God’s infinite wisdom, He made me eco friendly. I am biodegradable and probably compostable, though the neighbors might complain. I suppose if I am cremated and my ashes spread outdoors, the way I would want it, that probably also makes me recyclable in a “one with nature” sort of way.

Yes, indeed, I am sustainable, unless in the end someone insists on packaging me in a bronze lined coffin or a Tupperware container. No, anyone who knows me well understands that would simply not be my style. I realize some type of temporary or carrier container may be needed, but a previously used empty coffee can or ideally one of our Globe Guard 100% PCW boxes will do just fine. Basically anything that will carry me to where my family knows I would want my ashes spread will more than suffice. I like the way it kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term “gone green.”

Here’s hoping for a great 2011 when we can all achieve our goals, including and especially the green ones.