Posted on August 24, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

How to Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Boxes with Minimal Additional Cost

There is no doubt most people know us for our 100% PCW recycled content corrugated, stock, shipping boxes, but over half of the boxes we sell are custom printed with our customers’ brand or design. One of the things we have noticed is that an increasing number are going well beyond the traditional one color logo and using their boxes to make a very memorable and positive impression on their customers.

Some Great Examples of Boxes Designed to Impress and Save Money

Custom Printed Boxes

Pasolivo Oil – opted for a unique design that wraps around the box creating a lattice or gift ribbon look. They also went against conventional thinking and printed with white ink on a brown, natural Kraft box. The end result is a very natural, and unique white wash look.

Sennco Solutions – when they decided on a new company logo, there was no better way to promote it to their customers than to print it on all of their shipping boxes. We helped them to consolidate their box sizes, while minimizing their printing plate costs. They also discovered that by increasing the number of boxes they ordered, they were able to minimize the additional cost of the printing.

Stonyfield Farm – for a special promotion they chose Globe Guard boxes for their eco consistent message and printed their return address and even the postal indicia directly on the box to minimize labor and labeling. They also decided to reinforce the standard Globe Guard eco message by adding their own use and disposal message on the highly visible side panels.

Earth Turns – without a lot of additional expense, two PMS colors can be duplicated for a first-class and consistent image. Earth Turn’s easily recognizable brand is important to them, so how could anyone possibly print this unique brand image in one color or colors that do not match how they look elsewhere in their marketing?

Custom Printing a Box Typically Adds Less than 5% Per Color to Cost

Most people are surprised when they can print their boxes for not much more than they are currently paying for boring brown boxes. Yes, a second or third color adds cost, but after many years we can tell you that in most cases, that is less than 5% per color, so even an elaborate three-color design is likely to add less that 20% to the box cost.

Most customers print two panels, the two that are not obscured by the tape that will eventually be used to tape the box closed. However safety messages and other information can be easily printed on the top flaps where the boxes are usually opened. As I suggest to customers, ink is inexpensive so once you decide to print, don’t hold back. Eliminate costly labels and/or the labor consumed to add additional, often-time handwritten markings and messages.

Keep in mind that printing plates are required but they too are less expensive than most people imagine. Plates vary in cost, depending on the image and box sizes, but they are a onetime expense, normally in the $200 to $300 range per color. Plates are also the customer’s property to be used elsewhere or for other purposes. We are always eager to help with the artwork design so that the same plates can be used for multiple and varying box sizes.

Creating an “Image of Difference”

Thanks to the Internet and a tough economy, regardless of what we sell, our markets are becoming crowded and tougher. Standing out is a challenge but graphics on packaging are relatively inexpensive ways of retaining current customers and capturing new business as well.

With our experience and capabilities, we can help you take the fear, headaches and cost out of the process.