Posted on February 9, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Helping Green Packaging Customers Find Green Packaging Solutions

Screen shot of Recycled Packaging website, with stairs leading up to a doorway.

New Recycled Packaging Website!

The world of the internet is a complicated one and it is relatively easy to wind up lost among the incredible amount of information that is now available to anyone with a PC, laptop or cell phone. Of course the objective is to be found by people looking for what you do and offer, but you also have to help them quickly or it is off to the next name resulting from their Google or other search.

A Sustainable Packaging “Fork in the Road”

We have launched a new web site,, and its purpose is really quite simple. It serves only to help visitors determine which of our business web sites ( or is mostly likely to offer the solutions to their packaging challenges. Potential customers can easily determine if stock eco friendly packaging products are what they need or if their application demands a custom solution. We certainly appreciate and welcome all new visitors to both of our sites but for new potential customers in a hurry, we think this option will enable them to more quickly find what they are looking for.

Stock versus Custom Eco Friendly Packaging

We have proven time and time again that the price gap between the two is not nearly as large as many people think. What is equally important to us is making sure the right and minimal packaging product is used for any specific application.

For example, every packaging supplier, including us, will stock a 12” cube box. It is one of the most popular sizes and a “must have” size for e-commerce packaging stores like ours. If a customer only needs 25 or 50 boxes, a 12” cube stock shipping box is most certainly the way to go. If however the correct size box for the item being shipped is actually a 10.5” X 9” X 11” high, and the need is for 500 boxes, most people are surprised to see how economical custom size boxes can be. In most cases you can add your custom print to the same box for little or no additional cost, other than a relatively inexpensive, one time printing plate cost.

Versatility and Flexibility

Many of our customers buy both types of products. Perhaps a custom box for one specific product and purpose, and a stock size for a different application. Recently our blog featured a post about our somewhat unique ability to combine custom and stock packaging products to save our customers time, space and money. You may find it worth reading.

What we do not offer are stock answers. Every customer and application are different so we take the time to review each one and offer the best advice, even if it is a product we do not offer.