Posted on August 13, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Taking the Fear Out of Custom, Green Boxes

do not fear custom shipping boxesIt had been a while since I wrote on this subject but a recent experience reminded me it was time again. I spoke to a potential customer who wanted our Globe Guard, 100% PCW shipping boxes.

The problem (he thought) was that he needed a different size and a heavier grade not listed on our green packaging, e-commerce site. Since the boxes were for the launch of a new, unproven product, he was concerned about having to order large initial quantities. I could see he was very worried about cost, especially when he admitted he would love to add his logo on two sides of the new box.

The fear left his face and he smiled when I told him none of his perceptions about custom size, custom grade, custom printed, green packaging were true.

When and Why Custom Grade, Eco Friendly Boxes Make Sense

Even though 32 ECT is the most popular grade, we know there are times when a heavier duty box is necessary. We offer a standard upgrade 44 ECT and have even worked with double wall construction designs when needed. The price jump from 32 to 44 ECT is usually less than 10% or in most cases, a few cents per box. This also puts to rest another old packaging wives’ tale – “my application is to tough for recycled corrugated board”. Nonsense! We can tailor the box thickness and grade to the application because we do not just offer what we have in stock.

Custom Size Shipping Boxes

We currently offer 24 of the most popular sizes on our green packaging store and that will increase to at least 30 in the next month or two. However, 50% of the boxes we sell are not stock boxes at all. We make them to our customers exact size requirements and have made as few as one hundred boxes for customers with a short run need. Don’t believe anyone who tells you you have to buy hundreds or thousands of boxes to get the size you need. We do it for our customers every day of the week. Those large internet and catalog companies who offer “hundreds of sizes in stock” are terrific but not if the size you need for your product is not on their stock list.

Custom Print Shipping Boxes

People that don’t understand or offer custom printed boxes will lead you to believe the cost is astronomical and the minimums are hefty. Neither is true. We have printed as few as 50 boxes for a special project and the cost was just a few percentage points over the same box plain or with no printing at all, in the same quantity. Of course there are a lot of important factors that come into play like number of panels, number of colors, per cent of ink coverage, etc. but something to remember – ink is cheap, it is set up time that gets expensive. Working with someone who specializes in printed boxes can save you a lot of money, headaches and time.

“Hey, I thought you were a big proponent of custom printed tape?”

I was and I continue to be a strong advocate of custom printed tape. If you are using small quantities of a number of different stock box sizes, or don’t want to use plastic tape for any number of legitimate reasons, water activated custom printed tape is the way to go. It seals your boxes extremely well and enables you to brand each package without carrying an inventory of pre-printed custom boxes.

We’ll be glad to discuss the many options that are available to you. If you are able to or willing to buy your non-green corrugated packaging “off the rack”, that is great and there are many companies able to satisfy your needs. If on the other hand your requirements are somewhat unique, or you want your own look to set yourself apart from the rest of the world, please remember our expertise is included in our very competitive prices.

Custom, Eco Friendly Shipping Boxes from Globe Guard

Custom, Eco Friendly Shipping Boxes from Globe Guard


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