Posted on March 17, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Great Green Ideas Don’t Have to Be Big or Expensive

recycled-corrugated-tote-from-wwwglobeguardproductscomIn fact our green idea is fairly small and is only 15.75” X 14.25” X 9” high at its greatest dimensions. Some might even call it compact, so it can more easily be utilized in a small home or business office environment.

What we offer is a rather unique recycling tote constructed out of Globe Guard 100% recycled content corrugated. It is neutral, natural brown Kraft colored in color so it does not clash with any décor. We realize competitive products are often bright colored plastic but ours is not designed to double as a highway traffic control device. Furthermore, if you are one of the many people who advocate the limited use of plastic, isn’t it a bit inconsistent to utilize a plastic recycling bin for your paper waste?

If you are a regular reader you know we like to have fun with our topics and we are most definitely enjoying this one. In fact I am going to state that when designing our recycling tote, we strictly adhered to the following three R’s:


As stated above, our tote is made of 100% recycled content corrugated board. No virgin tree fibers were killed or even hurt in the manufacturing of this tote.


Its use is designed to encourage recycling and if we are honest with ourselves, we could all do more than what we currently do. My own new personal commitment for 2009 is recycling as much incoming mail as possible. After removing every bit of personal information from my mail, the rest goes into my Globe Guard recycling tote.


When this tote has finished its usefulness and alas that happens to all of us eventually, it is indeed fully recyclable, again. Others refer to that as “cradle to cradle” product design. We simply call it practical.

It is completely collapsible so it can easily be processed and recycled with all of your other paper waste and it will be used to make a corrugated product of some type, perhaps a Globe Guard corrugated box. Try recycling your plastic recycling tote. It is much like trying to throw away a garbage can or getting rid of the proverbial bad penny.

I also mentioned that good green ideas did not have to be expensive and this one is not. In fact it is free with every customer’s first order on our new green packaging store:  Sure you can buy them too, and we’ll even give you a great price if you need to order 400 for your office building, but mostly we want to give away a bunch of them and make it easier for everyone to do the right thing when it comes to paper waste.

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