Posted on December 8, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Un-Green Packaging

Customers Will Judge You by Your Packaging

Customers Will Judge You by Your Packaging

Sure, our company sells eco friendly packaging supplies but my interest goes beyond the potential business. In an industry measured in billions, there is probably enough for everyone to get what they need and what they earn. No, my concern is more about the environment and “eco consistency” which is making sure your packaging is as green as the product you are selling and shipping.

Sustainability – Doesn’t End at the Door

loosefill packagingIn fact, we believe that is where it begins. As green business people we have to hold each other accountable and fortunately I have several die hard, green friends who will let me know if our green marketing ever begins to get ahead of the green facts. It is easy to get carried away or take things at face value as opposed to doing the homework and asking the tough questions of our suppliers. I appreciate it when a friend gives me corrective advice because if they see an inconsistency, it is a sure bet our highly intelligent, skeptical, eco minded customers will as well.

Especially if you are an internet based green company, when your product arrives at its destination, that is likely the first real contact you have with your new customer. The quality, cleanliness and yes, the greenness of your packaging is instantly evaluated.

Sustainable Packaging First Impressions

  • Is the packaging intact and did it do a good job of containing and protecting the contents? “My goodness, did this get dragged behind the truck?”
  • Is it excessive? “I ordered a DVD and this box could hold two basketballs!”
  • Is it attractive, is it branded and does it represent you well? “Who are these people”?
  • Is it eco consistent externally? “I can’t believe they shipped my baby’s organic cotton clothes in a plastic bag!”
  • Is it eco consistent internally? “I did not even realize they still made packing peanuts.”
  • Is it recycled content and/or recyclable? “Darn, this paper / poly mailer is going to wind up in a land fill.”

Packaging and the Contradictory Message

Simply put, if our product says “we care about the environment” then our packaging should communicate the same concern. If not, we are contradicting ourselves and our customers will spot it from a green mile away.

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