Posted on July 13, 2020 by Dennis Salazar

Finally! A great eco-friendly, padded, paper mailer envelope for e-commerce.

Are Mailer Envelopes Still a Popular Option?

We sell almost as many mailer envelopes as we do mailer boxes. We have provided millions of mailer envelopes to customers in various forms ranging from 100% recycled content unpadded paper mailer to high recycled content, bubble lined poly mailers. Some of these products are available unprinted on our Globe Guard® store, as well as our branded/custom printed mailer envelopes as shown on our web site.

Where are the paper, padded mailer envelopes?

However, there has been a void in our product line for some time and for years we have been on the hunt for a good, paper, padded mailer envelope. What the industry has offered up to now, is either paper mailers with shredded paper fill which tends to be heavy (postage cost issues) and messy when ripped or punctured.  Another option is envelopes that are paper outside and poly bubble inside. This paper/poly option is particularly disturbing because most suppliers promote is as a green solution because it uses recycled paper and plastic recycled content. Unfortunately, because the paper and poly are laminated together, the only place they can possibly wind up is a landfill. I am sorry but we do not consider that an eco-friendly packaging product.

Introducing 100% recyclable, cushioned paper mailer envelopes provided by Globe Guard®

This packaging option could not come at a better time since companies continue to migrate away from plastic, especially since so much of it comes from overseas and no one is willing to guarantee the content or specs.

eco-friendly padded paper mailer recyclable cushioning exposedThe key to this new product is the 100% recyclable cushioning dots that are placed between layers of strong Kraft paper, which together provide all the cushioning necessary for most applications. You may have already received this product since it is currently in use by huge volume companies like Amazon and Target. You can imagine how much testing these mailers have passed to be in use by those two major e-commerce companies. The cushioning is 100% recyclable making the entire mailer recyclable at curbside or wherever paper waste is processed.

The features of this new product may begin at green, but they do not end there. These mailer envelopes also feature a peel and seal adhesive closure for the packing efficiency, and tear strip for easy, clean opening by the consumer. They are also lightweight to minimize postage costs, and are flat and easy to ship and store.

Program under development

We anticipate one day to be able to offer these in small, unprinted quantities, on our Globe Guard® Products green packaging store. They are not available there yet and it will likely be months before they are added.

We are however trying to get a handle of the level of interest for these mailers as custom printed. I can tell you the custom printed MOQ starts at 100,000 (annually) and varies depending on size and graphics.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at Salazar Packaging and let us know what your annual mailer envelope volume, and we will try to help you. Keep in mind as this product line develops, details such as minimums and branding are sure to change over time.

If your product does not require padding on your paper mailers and/or your volume is still building, please see the first “related post” below. We have sold millions of these unpadded paper mailer envelopes to companies just like yours. Whatever your mailer envelope needs are, chances are we have the ideal product available for you, your volume and application. Email or call us at 630-551-1700 for a confidential review of your specific needs.


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