Posted on November 6, 2014 by Dennis Salazar

Feed My Starving Children – a non-profit organization with a critical mission and deserving of support

We try to make gratitude a year round attitude but like everyone else, we tend to focus on it a little more as the holiday season approaches.

Last weekend, we had the opportunity and privilege to volunteer at a great organization named Feed My Starving Children. I cannot do justice describing the marvelous work they do so I urge you to check out their web site at There are millions of children starving or malnourished around the world and FMSC, works to provide specially formulated food “Manna Packs” to over 70 different countries to help feed the kids in desperate need.

Volunteer Help

In addition to obvious cash donations which BTW, $.92 of every dollar received is spent on their food programs, they also do something rather unique by encouraging volunteers help to do the packing. People, regardless of age or experience, are quickly taught how to fill and seal the food bags, which are then packed into boxes for distribution to the children in need.

Harmony carefully filling with Lenora supervisingThe “shift” is only two hours long, but it is most gratifying to be able to contribute in such a unique way. My wife/partner Lenora and our seven year old grand-daughter also volunteered and I can tell you we not only had a great deal of fun (the rock music playing in the packing area helped) the atmosphere was so inspiring, especially for our little one who can’t wait to do it again.

Give Thanks

We have much to be grateful for and as year-end and Thanksgiving approach, we hope you will consider supporting this wonderful organization. I am told we are not supposed to give because of the way it makes us feel, but I can tell you it feels great!

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