Posted on July 9, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

The Natural Abode – A Globe Guard Partner for the Great Pacific Northwest

the natural abodeWe are very pleased to announce the appointment of The Natural Abode as a Globe Guard corrugated box distributor to serve the states of Washington, Oregon, northern California, Idaho, Montana, and Idaho.

The Natural Abode is well established, four year old company and is very familiar with packaging from a user’s perspective. They are also a Green America member, very involved in the green community and their facility in Moscow, Idaho makes them centrally located for the geography they plan to cover.

What This Means to You, the Green Packaging Buyer

We know you expect price and quality and we know our Globe Guard products will not disappoint you in either category. We have also learned that your concerns include product availability, shipping costs and of course, carbon footprint. Shipping low cost, commodity packaging products cross country no longer makes sense and our job is to get the product where you need it, quickly at a reasonable cost, and with absolute minimal carbon footprint left behind. Intelligent logistics and distribution is the key and we are confident The Natural Abode will enable us to meet and exceed your expectations.

Fast, Economical, and Reliable Deliveries to the Pacific Northwest

We cannot put a price on a lost opportunity or a disappointed customer but with everyone deliberately and wisely reducing inventories on hand, having a packaging supplier able to respond quickly is more important than ever. We believe with the help of The Natural Abode, we will be able to reduce shipping time to the Northwest by 2 days compared to shipping from our Chicago warehouse. That is critically important if you have an order for a new customer that must ship quickly.

We’re Positioned to Help You Grow

We are very pleased to say that while many companies are regressing or at best stagnant, many of our customers are growing steadily and substantially. Knowing you have high expectations from your suppliers, we are doing everything possible to improve response time and reduce cost. Now, even in emergency situations requiring custom products, and with the help of The Natural Abode, the Great Pacific Northwest can be assured of prompt service on packaging products that are as green as their beautiful scenery.