Posted on February 3, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Eco Friendly Packages through Packaging Automation

shrink wrap machineIf you are shipping any quantity of merchandise it all, packaging automation is worth taking a look at. Automatic corrugated case sealers, shrink wrappers, and stretch wrappers are excellent places to start. Besides the many sustainable packaging benefits of automation, you may find that equipment will –

  • Reduce labor and improve ergonomics
  • Increase throughput
  • Produce more attractive packages
  • Improve tamper evidence

Eco Friendly Benefits of Packaging Automation

First and foremost, packaging automation will reduce the amount of packaging you use to produce each shipping unit. When box sealing tapes and stretch film are applied manually, they are almost always overused. Shipping and receiving personnel regard tapes and stretch films as flimsy because they are so thin, and therefore use two or three strips of tape when one will do, and eight wraps of stretch film when four will do. With regard to stretch film, equipment can stretch film up to 300%, whereas applied manually, stretch percentages average from 25-40%.

Second, packaging automation opens the door for new, eco friendly shipping package designs. For instance, if you are shipping bottled water in a corrugated box, you are using a lot of corrugated board, and an especially heavy construction as well. Through automation, you can replace that corrugated box with a lighter weight corrugated tray and a shrink film over wrap.

Injecting less material into the waste or recycling stream is very important in the world of secondary packaging. Millions upon millions of pounds of paper and plastic materials must be used to safely transport merchandise, but with a little effort, those pounds can be reduced by a large order of magnitude.


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