Posted on May 12, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Can Sustainable Packaging Be Attractive and Decorative?

It sure can be and it can also be environmentally and socially responsible as well.  We are very pleased to announce a temporary addition to Globe Guard Through a special, limited agreement with a top tier, well respected manufacturer, we are very pleased to offer eight of their eco-friendly decorative packaging products on a close out basis.

Decorative sustainable packaging that is more than pretty on the outside

eco-friendly-decorative-packaging-1All 100% natural and renewable materials were used on these products and the term “hand crafted” truly applies to them with all of the manufacturing performed off shore in a totally committed, fair trade environment.

The products include –

  • Three different, beautiful handmade gift boxes, all made out of treeless paper.
  • A black Abaca bag with a bamboo lock
  • A very unique twine basket.
  • A beautifully crafted wooden tray that is perfect for product presentations.
  • Two different size, handmade, lightweight embroidered bags. Every bag has a unique and different embroidered design and the detailed work is rare in a product in this price range.

Where and how is decorative packaging used?Most often it is used for packing gift items for sale or occasions such as baby or bridal showers, wedding favors, etc. Decorative packaging is also great for shows or festivals where a look that stands out in a crowd is very desirable and necessary.

Since working in the green community, I have met a lot of very talented and creative people and they are sure to come up with more use and purpose for these items than I can possibly imagine. What I am sure of is that there is probably no greener decorative packaging available anywhere, for your eco friendly or organic products.

Why is this a “limited” sale of decorative packaging?

eco-friendly-decorative-packaging-2I have learned to never say never, but quite frankly decorative packaging is not one of our core products. We are offering these select items in conjunction with the manufacturer/friend’s effort to move this inventory. This sale will end when the products sell out or the end of June, whichever comes first.

Note – each item is packed and sold in different quantities and all are subject to prior sale. No back orders can be accepted and these are close-out items with no return for reasons other than defect.

We hope you will take advantage of this limited availability and offer of these very beautiful and sustainable packaging products.

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