Posted on August 17, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

Eco-Friendly, Custom-Printed Die Cut Mailers May Be the Right Green Packaging Solution for Your Web Customers

Today, there are few companies selling products wholesale or in brick-and-mortar retail outlets that are not also offering their products directly to consumers via the internet. This relatively new market provides tremendous sales opportunities as well as challenges because the packaging required for this type of customer seems to fall somewhere in between usual retail and wholesale requirements.

“I want something more than just a shipping box!”

That is a common request by packaging customers and design clients who understand their web customer is technically a direct retail customer who is NOT carrying his product (and packaging) home. The product is being shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS, so the packaging needs to be more durable than what is typically found on the retail shelf level.

Sellers of green products have the additional requirement of making the packaging they are shipping into their customers’ homes as minimal and green as possible. We refer to it as being “eco consistent” when our products, marketing and packaging all communicate the same green message and standards.

How Corrugated Die Cut Mailers Can Satisfy the Need

Appearance – RSC style shipping boxes are functional, but the need for more of a presentation box is often preferred. Shippers of attractive, expensive decorator soy candles or upscale personal care products simply do not want their product shipping in the same type of box used to ship lawn mower parts.

Strength – The first and foremost purpose of any shipping container is to make sure the product being shipped arrives safely. A die cut mailer by design is stronger because it creates a double-wall container on at least two sides, reinforcing the ends and dramatically increasing stacking and crushing strength.

Custom Printing – Most styles can be easily printed on all six surfaces on the inside and/or outside to complete the upscale look and satisfy the branding requirement. If you can use a stock mailer size, the only additional cost is for printing plates, which are a onetime investment.

Reuse-ability –Because a die cut mailer is stronger and more attractive, it is more likely to be reused, making it a greener shipping solution. ”I want a box that people want to keep and reuse,” is often the request from clients who not only want to do the right green thing, but also recognize that if printed, the box becomes an ad for their company and brand.

Every Customer, Product and Application Is Different

We understand there is no single, “one size fits all” solution, however we have learned to do more with less. We work to minimize plates, artwork, board and the associated costs, because isn’t that the greenest option of all?