Posted on June 2, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Corrugated Die Cut Mailers – A Greener, Eco Friendly, and Better Corrugated Box Option


They are known by many names including literature mailers, tuck and fold mailers, shipper boxes and even pizza boxes, but the corrugated die cut mailer is making a big comeback and guess what? It is greener and no longer white.

What Makes These Corrugated Mailers Greener?

In the past, virgin board was used to make these versatile shipping and storage containers but today we are making them out of recycled corrugated materials. More importantly they are being made out of 100% recycled material which means they cannot be white on the outside. Many people don’t realize it but when you give a box a white exterior, that outer layer (usually 1/3 of the overall board content) has to be virgin. If you want it white on the inside too, then 2/3 of the corrugated content must be made from virgin fibers. Remember our motto, a virgin fiber is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it is not necessary.

Why Have Die Cut Mailers Been Historically White

The theory was that they looked better, cleaner, nicer, etc. There is no argument about that when the product is shipped … but have you ever seen one of those mailers when it arrives at its intended destination? Whether is ships via FedEx, UPS or USPS, the mailer no longer looks pristine or white upon arrival. Typically it is dirty, scuffed and even covered with fingerprints. The white outer layer looks great when it is shipped but the appearance rapidly degenerates as soon as it leaves the shipper’s facility.

What Makes These Corrugated Mailers Better?

This mailer design tends to look more like a presentation box than a shipping box. The closing/locking flaps “disappear” into the side or front panels. Compared to an RSC corrugated box – that is mostly tape-covered flaps – the mailer gives a cleaner, more attractive look to valuable products ranging from collectibles to pharmaceuticals. You can also reduce tape usage because a die cut mailer can be sealed with a short, narrow strip of tape applied in an L-clip fashion.

A corrugated die cut mailer does consume a little more board but the redundant panels are also what make it substantially stronger that a typical RSC corrugated box. A mailer holds up better during shipment, keeps the contents safe, and since it is strong and still look good after delivery, it is much more likely to be reused – another of the three primary “R’s in sustainability.

What about the Cost of Brown Die Cut Mailers?

Corrugated, whether it is formed into an intricate die cut or simple RSC box, is all about volume and we are rapidly building our volume to the point where we are usually less expensive than comparable white die cut boxes.

Please take a look at the variety of die cut designs we offer on our green packaging store and understand that almost every stock size of die cut and RSC style box we now offer on our store began as a customer specific inquiry and need.

In other words if you don’t see what you want, there is a very good chance we will make it for you and turn it into a stock item.

Eco friendly corrugated mailers from Salazar Packaging

Eco friendly corrugated mailers from Salazar Packaging