Posted on April 23, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Earth Day Overload?

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I am in the business of green as are most of my friends and acquaintances but there was more green noise yesterday than I could even stand or absorb.

With all due respect and tongue in cheek, You know I am obligated to add to it.

“Top Ten Signs You Might Have Over Done Earth Day”

1. You now work the word “Eco-nomical” into every conversation
2. Your “genius” Earth Day Party Hat Collection made out of used plastic milk bottles did not sell well
3. You won “best float” in the Earth Day parade because you were the only entry
4. You are now contemplating cosmetic surgery to look more like Al Gore or maybe Tipper.
5. Your friends and family got ill at your Earth Day party because of your previously used, recycled paper plates
6. You traded in your Prius in favor of a unicycle because it was the equivalent of taking one car off the road
7. Your wife is upset because you tried making homemade rubber mulch, out of the spare tire from her car
8. You found out used corrugated boxes do not stack well for constructing a wind mill….on a windy day.
9. Your teenage daughter refuses to use the solar powered tanning bed you built for her in the basement
10. You were arrested for trying to compost your recently deceased Aunt Hilda

I challenge you to add to this list and I promise all, non-X rated suggestions will be published. What was the silliest or most ironic thing you witnessed or heard this Earth Day 2009? We would love to hear from you.