Posted on October 31, 2019 by Dennis Salazar

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Packaging – not always a one size fits all solution

D2C businesses know the importance of delivering maximum impact at minimal cost. In most cases, our objective is to create packaging that accommodates as many products as possible for our D2C customers. This minimizes the number of packaging SKU’s they must keep in inventory and helps their buying power by enabling them to purchase larger quantities of one size, rather than smaller quantities of several different sizes of packaging. Usually that is a smart and realistic goal and one we can easily satisfy.

The downside of that approach is that you often wind up shipping in a larger box than what is necessary, thereby paying more for the box as well as for the postage to ship it. For most of our customers, dimensional shipping rates apply, meaning the more cubic inches your box takes up in the truck, the more you will be charged to ship it. The biggest cost however might be the poor unboxing experience that is usually the result of shipping oversized packaging.

When the products require multi- size rather than multipurpose packaging

However, the more diverse a product line is, and the larger variety of products and sizes the customer ships, one size fits all is no longer a realistic or wise option. That describes one of our favorite customers, Basic Invite. If we thought elegant paper invitations had been replaced by Evites and similar web-based companies, we are all very wrong.

Basic Invite offers everything from personalized “save this date” cards, wedding invitations, baby announcements, and of course holiday greeting cards.  Check out their web site and you will see an incredible selection of products, combinations, and counts which results in a variety of product and order sizes. They could ship everything in one or a few oversized boxes, stuffed with some type of loose fill product like foam peanuts, but that is not their style or what their customers expect.  They are in the presentation business, so their packaging must support that all important unboxing experience.

The photos included in this post show a wide variety of packaging products including various size boxes and even rigid mailer envelopes. In addition, for some of their products they chose custom printed boxes with peel and seal adhesive strips and an easy open tear strip.  A custom designed lid even allows left over products to be held within the box after it has been opened. That photo shows the box before it is sealed, during shipment and after it is opened by the consumer.

DTC boxes with peel and seal adhesive and tear strips by Salazar PackagingSave money with right size DTC packaging!

Appearance is incredibly important but there are some good bottom-line reasons for using packaging that fits the product like a glove. These include:

  • Reduced cost of the box itself
  • Reduced cost to ship it inbound (to you)
  • Reduced cost to store it.
  • Reduced cost to ship it outbound (to your customers)
  • Eliminating the cost of void fill or other cushioning product.

Whether you are interested in creating unique packaging for each of your products or eliminating similar packaging SKU’s to consolidate them, we have the experience and resources to be able to help you accomplish your objective.

Please call us at 630-551-1700 or contact us at to speak with one of our branded packaging advisors. Check out our gallery and know we have made millions of boxes for thousands of customers as we are sure to be able to help you create maximum impact at minimal cost.

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