Posted on October 27, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Die Cut versus RSC Style Corrugated Shipping Boxes

It is not at all uncommon for an application or product to be able to ship out in either a die cut mailer box or a Regular Slotted Container (RSC) style shipping container. Both are quite effective and can be as eco friendly as the corrugated board that is used to make them. In some cases, the choice comes down to customer preference, but there are definitely some distinct advantages to each design.

The Advantages of an RSC style shipping box design:

1.    In most cases, unless an RSC is extremely small, it does not require tooling such as a cutting die.

2.    Usually an RSC is less expensive because it consumes less board.

3.    It is easier to erect compared to some complicated die cut designs.

Die cut box assortment The Advantages of a die cut mailer design:

1.    It is more attractive and offers more of a presentation box look.

2.    The construction creates a double wall container on three of the four sides resulting in a stronger box compared to an RSC.

3.    It requires less tape than an RSC, which reduces cost and labor, resulting in a more attractive finished look.

Which Design is Best for You?

It depends on a number of factors that include:

  • What is shipping? Is it fragile, heavy, light, etc.?
  • Where is it shipping? To a small boutique shop across town or to a major retailer on the opposite end of the country?
  • How is it shipping? FedEx ground, UPS overnight or USPS?
  • Does it require void fill?
  • Is it likely your customer may re-ship the product in the container you provide?
  • Do you plan to brand and custom print the box?
  • What is the volume? If it is large, custom packaging becomes very easy to justify. If not, we may need to focus on readily available stock sizes.

Still not Sure?

Then please call us. We never charge for questions, and few companies can match our experience and creativity. We have the ability and inclination to make many of our stock products work and look like custom packages. We also enjoy a good challenge.

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