Posted on December 1, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Die Cut Corrugated Mailers – How to Dress Them Up Economically

Smart Green Companies Use Packaging to Strengthen Their Brands

Smart Green Companies Use Packaging to Strengthen Their Brands

We have been busy growing our stock die cut mailer inventory to give customers as many choices as possible. Most of the die cut mailers people buy from us are plain, unprinted but made from our 100% recycled content board to provide the greenest box possible at the lowest possible cost. Then you meet a company like the good people at Fluenz.

Green Is Good in Any Language

CASE STUDY. Fluenz is an environmentally conscious company that specializes in best of class software designed to teach languages to their clients and customers. When they needed an attractive but eco friendly shipper box for their first class product, they turned to us at Salazar Packaging. We assisted with the design and sizing as well as the art work placement and the end result is a beautiful two color print, on our 100% recycled Globe Guard board.

Sustainability and Branding

“Eco consistency and your quality message begin at the door” is our way of rephrasing the old adage about only having one opportunity to make a good first impression. In most cases the package being received by your customer is the very first tangible contact they have with you and your company. They were obviously impressed by your web site design and marketing and they ordered your product. However the package that arrives at their home or office is the first time they actually get to experience touch and feel, and that always leaves a lasting impression.

Perhaps you believe that your product arriving in a traditional, beat up, brown box does NOT necessarily send a negative message. Even if I agreed, and I obviously don’t, I would say that you have however missed a great and unique opportunity to say something positive about you, your product or your company.

Smart Green Companies Believe in Branding and They Utilize Smart Green Packaging to Accomplish It

The people at Fluenz understand this and the end result is a great looking, beautifully branded box that wows at the door and makes a positive and permanent first impression. The best part about it is that the additional cost compared to a plain brown box was relatively insignificant. Ink is not expensive and any print job really stands out when the second color is added.

Green branding is what we do and we encourage you to get creative and as they say, “think outside the box”. Please contact us for a no cost, no obligation review of your application and requirements.