Posted on April 21, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Custom Printed Water Activated Tape – Sustainability and Branding Made Easy

Communicate Your Brand with Green Packaging

It is increasingly difficult today to make a lasting positive impression on a customer considering all of the competition and options that are available. Companies spend a lot of money creating and image and brand and then promptly limit its use to a website, letter head and rarely read brochures.

Tag Lines and Slogans Matter

We do a lot of custom printed box and custom printed tape work and we have recently done a couple we would like to share with our readers. In both cases our customer has a tag line or slogan they are very proud of and has become part of their brand and image. Repeating it as often as possible and making it highly visible to their customers is an important part of their marketing strategy.

Great People…Great Service…Great Products.

CDI Corp is the largest manufacturer of collegiate decals and bumper stickers in the country. When you see the name of a college proudly on display on someone’s vehicle, it is a good bet that CDI made that decal. Their tag line is serves as a daily reminder to their people as well as their customers that CDI appreciates their business and is determined to keep it with continuous product design and by providing the best possible service.

Eco-friendly packaging and shipping with every gift…. now that’s caring

That’s Caring is our type of customer. They make beautiful gift baskets and they know packaging is important to their customers so they insist on using the greenest products possible. Just to make sure their customers see and appreciate their commitment and effort, they print their packaging slogan on the tape used to seal each and every box they ship out.

As I often like to remind people, secondary packaging is usually the first tangible contact an internet e-commerce store has with its customers. Branding the tape and boxes is one way to make sure that initial contact delivers an excellent and memorable first impression.

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