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Choose Salazar Packaging For Your Amazon Packaging Needs

For more than a decade we’ve had the opportunity and joy of working with many businesses that have needed packaging for product being sold/fulfilled at Amazon. Just months before the Covid-19 pandemic, we had an opportunity to visit a local Amazon Fulfillment Center to tour the facility and learn about their processes. The tour was fascinating, and the experience memorable. The takeaway then, and what remains today is our reminder to all of our customers utilizing Amazon for their fulfilment needs. Choose Salazar Packaging for your custom branded packaging needs so that your product(s) ship in boxes that promote YOUR BRAND, instead of Amazon’s stock outer shippers.


What are SIOC and FFP?

While it may sound like a new Star Wars villain, SIOC is actually an acronym Amazon uses, referring to orders that “Ship in own Container.” There is no repackaging or outer packaging required. This essentially means all Amazon has to do is put a label on your box and it’s ready to go. SIOC is one of 3 tiers within Amazon’s larger FFP, or Frustration Free Packaging Program. Yes, Amazon loves their acronyms. Another thing they love, perhaps above all else is efficiency. FFP is intended to simplify the ecommerce packaging process by dividing all packaging into 3 certification levels.

Level one: (FFP) Frustration Free Packaging

Level two: (SIOC) Ship in Own Container

Level three: (PFP) Prep-Free Packaging

The third level, or PFP, still requires Amazon to use their boxes/containers to ship the customer’s product(s). Thus, the goal should be to become certified in either of the first two levels of the program, both which utilize your own packaging.

FFP, level one is essentially the same as SIOC level two, except it takes a step further with a few additional requirements, mainly that the packaging be easy open, and sustainable/recyclable without plastic or other non-recyclable materials.


Benefits of SIOC and FFP

I don’t think it can be overstated that the goal should be to promote your brand. If your products are being shipped within one of Amazon’s outer containers, you are missing out on an opportunity to promote your brand. Amazon really doesn’t need the added exposure at this point, so by shipping in one of their boxes, you really are just hiding your own brand from anyone that would see the packaging, and delivering a less-than-ideal unboxing experience for your customer, often in a container that is much larger than needed, with a lot of unattractive void fill. You can see the difference in the photos below between product shipped within an Amazon container, compared to product shipping within a right-sized mailer box produced by Salazar Packaging.

Another added benefit of shipping in your own packaging is the sustainable aspect of minimizing packaging. If your box doesn’t have to go within another box, then your customer will appreciate the reduction of overpackaging and reduction of waste. The cost reduction aspect certainly should not be overlooked as well. Right-sized boxes means less packaging materials needed (Void fill, air pillows) and smaller packages being shipped, saving on shipping costs as well.



How Can Salazar Packaging Help?

As stated in the opening paragraph, this is nothing new to us. We’ve been in this game for a long time, and we ALWAYS ensure that no matter if you are shipping with Amazon, any other fulfillment center, or direct from your home/basement/garage, we focus on that all important balance of presentation and protection. We utilize recyclable, corrugated packaging solutions—avoiding plastic and other non-eco-friendly alternative materials. We prioritize easy-open, sustainable packaging, which is a requirement from Amazon to reach their first two levels of certification (SIOC and FFP). And above all else…we LISTEN. If you tell us your end-goal and the requirements you need to meet, we can work with you to accomplish those goals. Visit our gallery to see examples of packaging success stories over the years.

Interested in knowing more about Amazon’s FFP program? Visit this link to learn all about it. Ready to get started with custom packaging today? Visit our contact us link below and you will receive a response very quickly from an experienced packaging advisor.


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