Posted on May 6, 2010 by Dennis Salazar

Can Retail Packaging Be Attractive, Unique and Green?

Candle Packaging Designs for Every Need - and Budget

Retail packaging can be attractive, unique and green – and we have helped many companies create packaging that is eye catching and eco friendly. For example, it’s not easy to stand out in a highly competitive market such as candles, where appearance is every bit as important as recycled content or recyclability, but we provide our customers with options and combinations that few other companies have to offer.

Green Packaging Must be Cost Competitive, Too

We understand that everyone has a price point they have to target depending on where and how they sell their product and of course, manufacturing costs, including ingredients. Packaging costs and appearance requirements differ greatly for products selling over the internet or at a green fair, versus products retailing at a high end boutique.

That is why we specialize in designing to the acceptable cost and will usually offer our design clients a variety of options, different looks and varying costs. Everyone’s needs are unique as is our custom retail, eco friendly packaging.

Wide Range of Solutions because of our Wide Range of Products

Most suppliers represent a manufacturer and have one type of product to offer. Corrugated box suppliers rarely sell paperboard (folding carton) packaging and the opposite is true as well. Neither is likely to offer a paper tube design, even if it happens to be the best option for the customer and application.

The benefit of working with a resource like us is that we are able to not only offer all substrate options, we can provide combinations of material that no one else will ever suggest. Different bases, bodies and lids can sometimes be used to minimize costs and create a truly unique package.

One Example of Unique Variety and Flexibility

The photo above shows nine different designs and ideas we presented to a client who was eager to impress a new retail customer. The options varied from a simple die cut box made out of an economic e-flute corrugated box costing less than half a dollar to a custom, handmade box with lid costing over two dollars each. In between is a selection of molded paper, single, double and triple piece paper tube designs, square rolled edge boxes and just about any imaginable combination.

Octagonal Candle Package, with Sniff Hole

What it did for our customer was to set them apart from others as they fought for shelf space at their retail customer. The retailer was able to participate in the design, look and price point and essentially helped to create his own cost and price point. What all of our designs have in common is the use of high recycled content and recyclable materials. They are indeed beautiful, unique and green.

Call us if you have a goal or challenge and can use some help to make it economically and environmentally possible.