Posted on May 2, 2023 by Dennis Salazar

Bullbourne Bison Selects Salazar Packaging for their new DTC boxes!

We take a great deal of pride in all the work we do for our customers, but every once in a while, we produce a box that stands out in our long history of great boxes as well as in our customer’s competitive market. Bullbourne Bison’s new DTC box demonstrates many of the things we encourage our customers to consider and do to make their packaging memorable and attractive.

Bullbourne is a ranch in Tennessee that produces exceptional grass-fed bison and now their delicious meat is available to people who are not fortunate to live in their immediate vicinity. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted their box to look like and it included:

  • An RSC shipping box with printing inside and out
  • Complete flood coat of a solid, dark color, in this case Pantone 201C, Red
  • Printing on kraft board with reverse print

Two-sided print on an RSC shipping box

We have been talking about this for months because recent equipment capabilities make inside print on an RSC box easy and affordable. Previously, we would need to print one side, let it dry, reset up the machine, flip the boxes over and then print the second side. Today we are able to print on both sides simultaneously, greatly reducing setup and production time.

inside print

Flood coat printing on RSC boxes

Edge to edge printing can be challenging but if you are able to run your boxes on a rotary die cutter, you can bleed/ overprint and then simply trim away the excess. This is the best way to avoid having to worry about creating ink gaps and margins on your design or having a print problem over scores.


Printing flood coats on kraft board

The majority of the flood coats we print on any of our boxes, RSC or die cut, are printed on white corrugated board. That is because we can then print a truer color on it, by eliminating the substrate color variances of kraft board. No two kraft boxes are identical because of the natural difference in board color box to box or order to order. However, we have printed many colors on Kraft board, as long as the customer accepts and understands those color variances and how it will impact their ink color choice. The end result is a more natural looking box which in some cases is more important than the color accuracy. Nature is not perfect, but we know how to minimize potential problems.


We are thrilled when our customers are thrilled with their new boxes.

Our experience helps our customers avoid problems and costs. Our process includes customer reviews and approvals of structural samples, board samples, as well as color ink swatch samples. The customer will also receive die lines and in some cases, a full-size proof to help catch anything as simple as a misspelling, or as major as printing on the wrong panel of a box.

We know there are times when our attention to detail and our check/double check process is irritating but rerunning a job can be even more time consuming, and costly if new tooling or print plates are required. In all cases, we are forgiven when the job arrives exactly the way the customer envisioned it.

Contact us via this site or call us at 630-551-1700. Our experienced staff is eager to help you with your application and project. Also, if anything in this post is not clear or if you have any questions, please call us. We are always glad to help.

Remember, if you want high quality, delicious bison beef, contact the nice people at Bullbourne. If you want high quality packaging, contact Salazar Packaging.



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