Posted on November 3, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Big Green Shipping Boxes Now Come In Smaller Bundles

Lower Minimums for Larger Green Shipping Boxes

Lower Minimums for Larger Green Shipping Boxes

For a long time we’ve tried to keep the bundle sizes on our Globe Guard stock shipping boxes at a consistent 25 boxes per bundle. However, due to numerous customer requests, we are reducing our box count on larger boxes. Why are we implementing this change? Namely, two reasons: Bundle weight and purchase quantity.

Bundle Weight

A 25 count bundle of our GG-27, 5” cube boxes only weighs all of 5 pounds. That is obviously a very light weight, convenient bundle for shipping and handling. However, a bundle of our new GG-31 box which is 22” X 22” X 12” in size, happens to weigh almost 67 pounds when bundled in 25’s. Technically that large bundle can still ship via UPS or FedEx but becomes much more difficult to handle in our facility or yours.

Purchase Quantity

Sometimes you need a large box for a particular need but you may not need twenty five of them. Large boxes get expensive due to size so it doesn’t seem fair to force a customer to buy more than they really need or want, in order to use our eco friendly 100% PCW Globe Guard boxes. Our goal from the beginning was to make green shipping boxes available and affordable to everyone and that includes small volume, over size box customers.

Customer convenience combined with customer safety is our greatest concern so this change made sense from both perspectives.

How Will the Bundle Counts Change?

There may be some exceptions when box width and height are factored in but generally, all stock Globe Guard boxes that are 16” or less in length will remain in 25 box bundles. Any boxes 17” or longer will be bundled and sold in 15 box units

What about Shipping Costs?

Unless a customer instructs us otherwise, we will continue wrapping bundles together to reduce shipping costs for them. Combining bundles always results in shipping cost savings but a customer can tell us if their preference is lighter weight bundles for ease of handling and we will be glad to comply.

Globe Guard Box Exceptions

Please keep in mind this change is for Globe Guard stock shipping boxes only. Die cut boxes will remain in 25 or 50 bundle quantities, as is appropriate for their overall size.

Also, custom shipping boxes that usually ship on pallets anyway, can be bundled in any quantity the customer chooses. If no preference is stated, 25 per bundle will remain the default box count but custom boxes can easily be custom packaged per your preference.

Please call us if you have any questions and thank you for making Globe Guard 100% PCW shipping boxes the green choice for green products and green businesses.

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