Posted on November 21, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

Academics in a Box – Raising the Standards for Kid’s Subscription Boxes with Unique Inside Graphics

There are many programs for kid’s subscription boxes ranging from fun toys to interesting and educational crafts. However, there are not many that take a deliberate, scientific approach to educating while entertaining young minds.

Academics in a Box

Einstein in a Box is the first product created by parent company, Academics in Box. It is designed for ages eight years old and above with fun filled STEM based and focused experiments. (STEM= science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

As a grandfather of sixtumblr_static_einsteininabox-logo-small ranging from one to almost seven years old, I know how eager kids are to learn and how fascinated they are by things they do not understand. Einstein in Box does a great job of taking full advantage of those sponge like minds and turning fun time into learning time.

Check out their very cool web site at and learn more about their company and how much thought goes into the contents subscribers receive.

Eye Catching, Memorable Graphics are a Valuable Tool

When you visit their site you will quickly see how images and graphics capture attention and communicate their message effectively. That same mindset carries over to their die cut mailers that really stand out in any crowd with a bold orange, one color design. Anyone who believes you have to have more than one color to create an attractive box, needs to see the boxes Academics in a Box created!

Printing On the Inside of a Die Cut Mailer

Think of the inside of the box as a low cost, blank canvas. The people at Academics in a Box realized that while the outer box typically arrives to the subscriber scuffed, taped, labeled and otherwise soiled, the iOne color out, one color in, on Kraftnside of the box is always clean and a great place to add additional graphics at minimal added cost. For example, the inside of the lid is a highly visible place to add your eco message, a thank you, your logo, a random repeat pattern or inviting images.

The additional cost of printing the inside varies, but it is much more reasonable than most people think. Yes, it does require an additional print plate but that is a onetime investment that never repeats unless you eventually decide to change the graphics. The impact it delivers usually makes it well worth the additional box and print plate costs.

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