Posted on October 18, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

A Great Green Idea Deserves Great Green Packaging

Programs that send new or promotional product samples to the home have been around for a while, but in most cases they are directed and financed by manufacturers eager to get their products into consumers’ hands.

The Conscious Box is different in that manufacturers cannot “buy” their way into your home. The products are carefully reviewed and approved for their authenticity as well as for the value they deliver to subscribers. The program is also an excellent way for consumer/subscribers to learn about and try new fair trade or eco-friendly products offered by small- to mid-size manufacturers.

The Need for “Eco-Consistent” Packaging

Conscious Box with assorted products, green packaging - paperboard box custom printedThis program is also different in that the goal was to create a green package that is attractive enough to be hopefully reused and is “retail quality.” It was soon decided that the right substrate for that would be our 24-point Globe Guard® 100% recycled content paper board.

Since we all know what happens to a decorative box in shipment (scuffs, dirt, labels, tape, etc.), we also agreed the decorative box should have a strong but equally green shipping box. For that purpose, a stock size Globe Guard® 100% recycled content die cut corrugated mailer would more than satisfy the need.

The Benefits of Single Source Responsibility

Most corrugated box companies do not work in paper board, and most paper board carton manufacturers do not have equipment able to make corrugated shipping boxes. Working with two different packaging suppliers was always an option for The Conscious Box, but they understood the potential pitfalls of utilizing multiple sources. The fit of the retail (inner) carton into the shipping (outer) box had to be perfect. Also, the ink colors had to match even though they would be printing on two different substrates in two different facilities. We selected the two manufacturing sites, coordinated both ends of the project and are pleased to say the ink color and box/carton fit are all perfect.

Please visit The Conscious Box web site for details about their program and to subscribe to it. To learn more about our unique capabilities or for help with your packaging challenge, please contact Salazar Packaging.