Posted on August 6, 2013 by Dennis Salazar

Yuzen’s Subscription Program’s New Packaging is a Sustainable and Branding Hit!

Here is a one question, multiple choice quiz for you, regarding custom printed secondary packaging:

Great, branded secondary packaging __________

A.  Makes a positive and memorable impression
B.  Reflects the quality of the product it contains or the program it represents
C.  Encourages reuse and discourages disposal
D.  Utilizes as much recycled content as possible and is easily recycled
E.  All of the above

The obvious answer is E, all of the above, but many would question how can anyone expect any packaging to satisfy all of those distinct and various needs? Ask the nice and creative people at Yuzen who have more than accomplished each point above.

Rigid Boxes Provide Flexibility for Yuzen

Congratulations to the team at who took our suggestion of using rigid boxes and ran with it, creating several different looks by using different paper wraps on the same rigid box. I think most would agree each look is different but unmistakably Yuzen. It can be difficult to use a variety of colors and designs to represent one single brand but the subtle colors and images selected by the Yuzen team accomplish it without sacrificing their identity.

BTW, even though the goal at this time is to maintain the same rigid box size, rigid boxes can be changed dimensionally without expensive tooling or cutting dies. That is huge in a subscription marketing program where sample sizes vary from month to month and a larger (or smaller) rigid box can be advantageous.

New Yuzen rigid box in new custom printed mailerWhat Makes this Packaging Green?

If we agree the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) are the best guidelines when it comes to determining what type of packaging is best for the environment, then the new Yuzen Packaging is three for three.

The rigid box and the pizza box style mailer Yuzen selected are both designed to use the least amount of materials possible. (reduce) The rigid packaging is designed to be attractive making it very likely to be repurposed. (reuse) The mailer box is manufactured with our 100% recycled corrugated board and the rigid box is typically 80 to 90% recycled content. (recycle) If either component is disposed of, that can easily be accomplished in any process that accepts recycled paper waste where it will be repulped and used to make new packaging materials.

Effective Branded Packaging – Unforgettable Good Looks

Aren’t two of the main reasons to promote your brand to impress and be remembered? I think most would agree on that basis, this new Yuzen Packaging is wildly successful.

Our customers appreciate what we help them achieve and we take a great deal of pride knowing that we helped to create some of the best looking packaging you see in the subscription market, or several other markets where looks matter.

We are one of the few companies capable of designing and manufacturing rigid boxes, paperboard cartons and corrugated shipping containers of all types. Add our paper tube packaging and our numerous mailer envelope options and there is probably few applications we cannot help you handle. When in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific application.

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