Posted on December 7, 2011 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Retail Packaging for Candy – SWEET!

The term “so good it melts in your mouth” is over-hyped and so over used it has nearly lost all meaning. However, it really is an accurate description of the candy product made by one of our newest Globe Guard customers.

Barbary Brix is a San Francisco-based company that makes candy the way it used to be made before high-production equipment and cost-saving recipes became the norm. Check out the delicious assortment of unique flavors they offer on their online Barbary Brix candy store. My wife was almost immediately addicted to their “Salty Dog” flavor, and as one who enjoys nuts with his caramel, I am now a huge fan of “The Prospector.”

“Good for people and the environment!”

That statement is part of their tag line that you see proudly displayed on the home page designed by partners Melissa Scheiderer and Rob Ray. They are determined to be eco-consistent, from the natural ingredients they use, all the way through to their product packaging.

It was during their search for the greenest possible packaging that we met. And, like so many others, they were pleasantly surprised to find out that our retail and secondary packaging products are competitively priced with other, “not nearly as green” options.

100% Recycled Content Retail Quality Paper Board Packaging

Melissa and Rob’s commitment to use sustainable packaging began with the compostable wrappers used to individually wrap each caramel. For their retail cartons, we helped them select a folding carton style and to identify a 100% recycled board that would print well with their beautiful and unique design (see photos above). In addition, for this high quality job we selected a manufacturing partner able to meet the esthetic requirements, and, as a green bonus, also takes pride in manufacturing their cartons with 100% wind power.

To save Barbary Brix money on art and plate costs, we advised them to create a carton that could be pre-printed with all of their consistent product information and to utilize a label to communicate all of the variable information such as flavor, ingredients, freshness date, etc. They selected a local green printer able to provide them with a 100% recycled content label to do the trick. This approach provided them maximum flexibility (now and in the future) at minimal cost.

Stock Globe Guard® Boxes for Shipping Wholesale and Web Order Fulfillment 

Barbary Brix 2 pack in stock mailer and bio bubble


As Barbary Brix develops their web store, they will be able to use our Globe Guard® die cut mailer and RSC corrugated boxes for shipping. For example, you can see how well our stock Light Rate mailer (pictured right) accommodates a two-pack of their premium candy cartons. Larger web or wholesale orders can also be shipped using our most popular 100% PCW recycled content, RSC-style shipping boxes.

We sincerely enjoy watching a new company, a new web site or a new product take off and be successful. We are also most grateful whenever a customer/client decides not to compromise and chooses to use the greenest possible packaging materials.

Barbary Brix has made that quality commitment in their product as well as their packaging and the results are extraordinary! Please check out the Barbary Brix web site and send someone on your Christmas list a taste they are sure to appreciate and remember.