Posted on April 9, 2009 by Dennis Salazar

Sustainable Packaging – When Brown and White Make Green

kundorwahun-1One of the best parts of doing what we do is the opportunity to meet some really neat people doing some terrific things for the world we all share. We were recently contacted by Mark Simmons, one of the co-founders of a unique company selling very useful products for a very good cause. They donate 10% of their profits to fund water and sanitation projects worldwide.

Did someone say “eco-consistency”?

Regular readers know that eco-consistency is my mantra, but when I spoke to Mark that was exactly what he was trying to accomplish. He was committed to buying packaging materials that communicated and confirmed his company’s very deep and sincere values of protecting the earth and “using less”. It sounded like a perfect application for Globe Guard 100% recycled PCW content corrugated boxes and it was.

Eco friendly corrugated boxes – to print or not to print

Even though we heavily promote our stock box unprinted program, we also understand the need for customization and branding. Today, well over half of our Globe Guard box business is custom grade, custom print or custom size. Realizing the importance of branding, especially at this early stage of his company’s development, Mark decided he wanted their logo printed on the box, in white – a most unusual color for box printing. I was not sure how white ink would turn out on a brown box, but the end result is a marvelous shade of green (packaging).


Achieving the sustainable, green “Look”

useless-logoWorking to establish the all important “image of difference” between us and our competitors, as well as attempting to create a lasting positive image in our customers’ minds, the way our secondary packaging looks is very important. The box we ship to our customer is indeed the first thing they see and it is saying something about us, our company and our product. Being a green company does not mean less is expected of us, in fact in most cases the opposite is true. As our individual green spaces and markets become more crowded, it is the little things we do that will make the difference between gaining and retaining a customer or forever losing them.

Green packaging for the Greater Good

It is very gratifying to be involved with companies like, who do wonderful things for others and it feels good to know we are contributing in a small way to their success and their goals. Good luck Mark Simmons. We wish you and your organization well.